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Michael espinoza

Emily stared down at Alexia, her tongue lolling as her ass was pounded, harder and rougher than she had ever fucked herself with any of her toys the girls thrusts so brutal she felt her ass cheeks beginning to sting as if she was being spanked, while the constant hot, full sensation of Alexia's cock felt so fucking good, her poor little ring was on fire, stretched too big, fucked too hard. But that just served to make it feel better, more perverse and so much more pleasurable.

"Harder, harder, harder!!!" Emily found her cries becoming, a constant plea for more, needing to feed a growing addiction to her flatmates slab of thick black cock.

Alexia found it impossible to go any faster or harder as she had gone from zero to full throttle the second she had been allowed to, not holding back, but she didn't care, she could feel her steely cock throbbing, pulsing, could feel the wave of pleasure reaching higher and higher, feeling a familiar. Imminent pressure build.

The wave of her pleasure reached its peak and flew through the point of no return, she drove herself to the hilt, whimpering through spit around the gag as she sheathed herself in this deprived phat assed white girl, throwing her head back and arching her back as she began to drain her balls into her, her sack twitching, her chest heaving.

Emily gasped and shuddered, feeling pulse after pulse of hot cum pour into her abused hole, biting her teeth into Alexias exposed neck, instinctively displaying her dominance over the girl as she felt her ass filled with copious amounts of the woman's thick seed.

The torrent of cum slowed to stream then to a trickle as Emily bit into her neck, suckling hard and leaving a love bite ringed by a halo of red lipstick, squeezing her fingers against Alexia’s shoulders, holding her tight.

They lay there, Emily collapsed on top of Alexia as her cock was milked dry by the squeezing asshole around it, greedily swallowing every last drop of cum it could.

As they lay in the afterglow panting, exhausted, Emily pushed herself up on her hands to look down at Alexia, the woman's cock starting to soften inside her as Emily reached up and removed Alexias gag, tossing it to one side, letting her pull in her first unobstructed breath in seemingly an age.

"A-ah! Ah.. Emily.. I.. I think I love..", Alexia found again Emily's finger pushed to her lips, muting her. Alexias lips were wet, but she looked better than Emily did. Her hair splayed out in a typically sexy mess, her makeup smeared and her cream skin flushed.

"Me too.." 

Emily gently pushed her finger into the woman's mouth, hooking it at the side and leaned in kissing her, very, very possessive..

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