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Melvin dedo

I did so, and I could hear their whistles as I ran to the front door and knocked. For an agonizing few moments I waited for the door to open in just a pair of panties and a hard cock. When the door did open, I immediately stepped inside.

"whoa, whoa" said the man who opened the door.

"They did tell me you were eager. My name’s Mike" He said. I tried my best to smile up at him and as I did I noticed his large and burly frame.

"looking sexy!" he said as he grinned at me, "now lets get that hair off and turn you into a nice little slut".

My cock twitched again at his words. I stripped off my pink panties and laid down on the table, facedown. I felt him slathering warm wax over my arse, followed by a tug and pain. It hurt like hell. I lost my boner pretty quickly, but I got through it. When he was finally finished he told me to stand up and look in the mirror. My god I thought, as I turned around checking out my smooth hairless ass. My hairless little cock instantly started inflating.

"so" I said as I turned to Mike, "how do I pay for this?"

He just grinned and placed a hand on the top of my head to gently push me down to my knees in front of him. I didn’t need any further encouragement. I undid his belt and pulled his jeans to the floor, revealing a pair of briefs with the clear outline of what looked like a big cock visible. I rubbed his shaft through the briefs before reaching up the right pant leg and grasping his cock with my bare hand. It felt so good to have my hand there that I let out a little sigh and I felt my cock jump.I pulled his briefs down and, placed my hands behind my back, and licked up and down his shaft.

"God you love this, you little slut. Look at how hard you are!" he said as he flicked my cock with his foot.

"now suck this cock!" he barked.

Immediately I placed my head on the tip and began bobbing back and forth, letting some drool fall as I did. Soon, Mike was matching my bobbing with thrusts of his own and looking down at me with desire in his eyes. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and forced it still, his cock still halfway in my mouth, and began thrusting in and out. I almost gagged a few times but my hand, seemingly of its own accord, moved to my groin to begin jerking myself off. Mike was moaning now and I could tell he was close. His strokes became more erratic and soon he began to cum. The first spurt was all in my mouth and for the rest of his orgasm he pulled out of me and came on my face. I was so enraptured with his orgasm that I didn’t cum myself.

"nicely done!" I heard Rex’s voice from behind me, "You look cute with cum all over your face" he said.

I didn’t know how long he had been standing there, but the bulge in his pants indicated he had seen enough.

"why don’t you clean Mike up a little and then I’ll drive you home".

I was still on my knees, so it was easy to move my head to Mike’s semi-erect cock and like a good slut I cleaned the cum off his dick with only my mouth.

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