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Mary schellpfeffer

A young good looking boy whom Terry says is called Mike, the son of Bill Thomas whom is behind her very attractive butt and is hammering her pretty good. His mother I learn died a few years ago. Oh yeah! Definitely needed to meet him! Karen is between the spread legs of Uncle Josh. Her pouty lips are wrapped around his cock. He spots me and manages a smile. 
Auntie is being screwed by Mr. Thomas, the widower. The smile on her face tells all. Damn! What a cock he has! My cunt twitches!
Hands on my shoulders turned me around and there stands Mr. Moore! Excited at seeing him, I pressed my nudity up against him as our lips met. 
"Ha, ha! How is my little cunt doing?" He asks as his hands cup and mould my butt cheeks.
"Great, now that I am here with you." I tell him as my hungry lips nibble at his. .
Taking me by the arm, he led me to a pillow-strewn floor. My heart jumped, as I knew that once again, I was in for a fantastic fuck. Looking around the room as I went to my back on the pillows, I see Mary has stripped and was guiding her son’s sweet cock toward her hairy grout.
Twenty minutes later, my body felt like a limp dishrag. Flynn had once again screwed me until I felt like my insides had turned to mush. So far, he is the only man who can give me this feeling. A feeling of total content, a feeling one rarely has. Cupping my leaking sex, I can feel rivulets of semen seeping from me. Struggling to my feet, I wobble to the nearest bathroom. A shower and a douche make me feel better. Wrapping a large towel around me, I return to the "Game" room.
There is no one around. Then I see Mrs. Moore. She has showered and is in a long thin dress. We kiss and she tells me the others are either cleaning up or in the dining room. Pointing it out, we again kiss and go in separate directions. 
Auntie Carol spots me and calls for me to sit by her and Uncle Josh. She is totally radiant. She also has on a long dress like Mrs. Moore. Her eyes are sparkling with a vibrant excitement. Her skin has a rosy hue that normally comes after a sexual work out. For Auntie does put her heart and soul into ever fuck she has. In fact, everyone seems to be in good condition and spirits. The cuisine is outstanding; rare beef, succulent pork, and fish. This was complimented by an abundance of fine wines and brandy. 
After eating, everyone makes their way back to the "Game" room and proceeds to fall asleep. I roll over and let the welcome darkness overtake me. 
Mr. Thomas had just left from between my outstretched legs where he had just given me another nice easy screw, when Mrs. Moore, or Karen as she preferred to be called, bends down and gave me a long, sweet kiss. While she smoothed my damp hair, she asked if I was interested in accompanying her and Sheri to a spa that was three states away. She explained that it did wonders for your body. In addition to that, we could go shopping, and take a long deserved rest. I naturally accepted; 
Life! How sweet!
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