Martian L. Beast (author)

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Monster Hunter, erotica writer; either way, I'm the guy with the beer.

Martian l. beast

Not one to dismiss a tale without due consideration, Martian L. Beast has spent the past thirty years traveling throughout the North American wilderness, following leads and half-forgotten stories as he searches for creatures that science says don’t exist. His adventures have taken him to forgotten parts of the Southwestern desert, deep into the shadowed forests of the Rocky Mountains, and into the sweltering depths of the bayou. 

Leaving no stone unturned, and no barstool unwarmed, in his search for answers, Martian L. Beast has now turned his attention to sharing some of the more unusual tales from his adventures. While the names and dates may have been changed, the stories are straight from the mouths of the people whose lives have been forever changed by their erotic encounters with the unknown.

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The swamp’s greatest secrets and uncovers the truth that lays hidden in the gator’s dark eyes.
Two drunk college roommates on a camping trip meet up with Sasquatch and get busy.