Maria Williams (author)

Maria williams

She feels me grip one of her ankles. She is sliding across the mattress. I pull her to the edge and flip her over so she is pressed face-down again. I grab her wrists, pressing them down into her back. Her feet hit the floor; I position her legs apart and pull her ass upward.

Then Heather realizes what I'm doing, all she says is, " Oh, god... oh god..." Then I thrust my thick cock inside her pussy, taking her from behind, doggy-style again, there on the bed, her voice rose to a scream. " Oh GOD!" " Like that, Heather?" I sneer behind her. " You're wet enough." It is true; despite my thick girth, my cock slips into her with ease, and then I start slamming into her like a piston with long deep strokes, the friction is pleasurably slick. The ecstasy is over whelming. Any lingering intentions to try to struggle died, as he fucked me brutally there on that bed. 

"Yes, yes..." She pants, arcing her ass up a little higher, her face pressed against the bed. " Oh, god, yes... please..." She feels the soft slap of my balls against her pussy, hears my animalistic grunts as I pistoned in and out of her. Rough, hard, primal; I just take her. She is moaning "
aaaaaaaahhhhhhh..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She is over whelmed with the pleasure of being fucked doggy style; feeling so fulfilled with the rigid length of my cock inside her. " That's it, Heather, that's it," I grunted. " Like that, Heather? You wanna be my slut? Let me fuck you like this whenever I want?" " Oh god," She cries out again. " Yes, please... please, fuck me. Fuck me." She realizes she is drooling on the mattress. She didn't care. " Oh, so goooood...."

" So good you're gonna come, aren't you?" I increase my pace more; now I'm slamming into her so hard her body jerks. " You wanna come for me? Come for that big cock?" I lean over her, holding her down on the bed. Her arms ached but she hardly feels it. I slap her ass with my other hand and she cries out from the sting, that only encourages me. She feels a crescendo building within her, and when she finally comess, it was sudden and explosive, and so all-encompassing. She screams, voice hoarse and strident, tasting the mattress, her cry muffled against it. I jerk my cock deep inside her a few more times, letting her ride the waves, her body limp now; limp and weak as a kitten. She couldn't have moved if she tried.

I roll her over and she feels the hot splash of my cum on her tits. I grunt and jerk my thick shaft with one hand, my face a rictus of pleasure. She is savoring the escasty feeling; she lies there as I jerk off on her. Her pussy is twitching with the after-effects of her massive orgasm. " I think you should move in Heather." I said, nodding with a satisfied little smirk. Then I walk out, leaving her there on the bed, thoroughly fucked, and delirious from the most intense orgasm

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