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Malaela vecchio

my ass after he had finished kissing my neck he said "its felt like for ever" he started moving down my body kissing it just before he got to my dick i said "calm down big boy we dont have time for that" so i got dressed and me and harvey went shopping and the day soon came to a close 

the next morning when we woke up harvey had made me some breakfast and i said "thanks babe" harvey moved in for a kiss so i gave him one anyway we got dressed and went to the airport and got the plane to england 

when we was getting of the plane we and harvey was greated by a man who said "fucking gays" just because me and harvey was holding hand so i turned around to the guy and said "just because your scared to come out the closet dont mean we all are" so we walked upto blake and mckenzie and said "hey hey" and gave the both a hug blake drove us to his house and we said hi to his parent so me and harvey went upstairs to unpack and when i closed the door i said "babe can we talk?" harvey stopped unpacking his bags and sat down touching the place next to him for me to come sit down so i did and i said "i know ive been a lot to deal with over the past 3 weeks and im sorry but im just finding it so hard to keep it together and i dont mean to push you away but i know i have been doing" harvey gave me a hug and said "baby i married you for you though all your tears and troubles but with that i get all the love you give me and all the happyness i know its been hard for you and i know it sucks about your brother and putting weight on but baby im always here for you and i will always be attracted you and love you always" i smiled ras harvey was saying that and said "baby pass me my keys please" so he did and i opened one of the key rings and it had all the letters harvey ever gave me back at school and i said "i kept them all the letters you gave me at school" harvey looked though the letters and read one and said "this is the first letter i gave you i dont know if im gay or not but i am attracted to you baby thats so sweet of you to have kept them all this time" me and harvey kissed for a long time my lips hurt after 

anyway a few hour later we went to a gay nightclub and was having loads of fun i was back to my old self and harvey was smiling away and kept telling me he loves me so he made me feel so happy so me and blake need to go to the bathroom so we did and we had a little talk in there about how things are going so when we left the toilets we went to the bar to go get a drink but i noticed someone touching harveys are and i could tell harvey didnt want him too so i walked up to the guy and said "excuse me" so the guy turned round and said "what" i said "you see the gold and diamond wedding banned he has on" the guy said "yes" i said "i have the one to match" showing him my wedding band "he is my hustband" so the guy walked away and harvey grabbed both my hand and said "well arnt we jellous" i smiled and said "your my princes charming and im not sharing"

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