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Brad watches as her ass moves up and down and his cock goes in and out. Her pink puckered asshole is staring at him. He places his hands on her cheeks and works his fingers down to her puckered opening. 

 "Yes baby, do it." Kate says, her moaning increasing, as does the pace. Brad wets his thumb, then presses it firmly on her tight puckered hole, it pops in! He began to move it in and out. "Yes... that’s it, baby... I’m gonna cum..." Her ass and thighs are slapping down hard. "Oh... Oh... OOOOHHHH... SHIT... MMMmmm, Yes!" Kate cums right there on Brad’s cock. She continues to grind down on Brad’s cock, her pussy gripping hard. When her orgasm stops, she gets up off the bed, grabs brad’s hand and directs him to the window. She bends over, placing her tits against the window, her ass sticking out. Brad goes up behind her and presses his cock against her ass. It’s too tight, and a little dry, so he rubs his cock in Kate’s juices. Alternating between her pussy and her ass until he is all the way in. Kate starts to move her ass back and forth to signal that she is ready. Brad grabs her hips and begins to fuck her tight ass. As he thrusts her ass squeezes to resist. As he pulls out it squeezes to resist. His wife would never let him do this, it was taboo, but it felt sooooo good.

 "That’s it, baby! You fuck my ass so good. MMMmmm... give it to me. Give it to Mama." The dirty talk, and the tight grip on his cock is getting him close.

 "MMMmmm... remember me standing in that window last night?" Brad looks over to Kate’s house. He thinks about her standing naked in the window.

 "Oh, Yes Baby. Fuck me hard. Do you remember standing on the roof, peaking at me. Watching me undress?" Brad’s balls begin to tighten... he can feal it is building up. He slaps her on the ass. WHAP!

 "YES! Treat me like the trick I am, Baby! Give me your candy!" Whap! Brad slaps her ass again.

 "I’m about to cum, little girl! Cum get your treat!" Brad pulls out, Kate spins around. She drops to her knees, grabs his cock, opens her mouth and lets the first shot hit her in the face, across her right cheek. The second shot cums on her tongue. She aims the third shot on her tits. The fourth shot she swallows as she sucks his cock into her mouth, fresh from her ass. The fifth and final shot is down her throat. She sucks as she milks all of his remaining load into her mouth. She shows Brad her treat, then swallows. She opens her mouth again to show him it’s gone, then says, "Thank You!"

 Towards the morning, Kate slips out to the bathroom, then into bed with Jason. Brad wakes up to the smell of bacon frying. As he comes out of his room and down the hall, he sees Allie and Ellie sitting at the table laughing and joking with Jason. Kate is dancing around the kitchen making toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs. He sits down at the table and thinks, Happy Halloween!

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