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Liz noh

he got me close to cumming then stopped and
then he sat on the couch with his hard on sticking straight up. I got
between his legs and sucked him for what seemed like hours. He then
reached over (there were bowls of rubbers and lube all over the
room) grabbed a condom & lube. He put it on then lubed his cock good.
I looked at my wife and she nodded at me, then I pulled down my
pantyhose some and climbed on his cock, slowly easing it into me. I
rode him slow as he grabbed my hips. it felt so awesome to be fucked
in pantyhose and watched by my wife and other strangers. I looked
over at my wife and she now had her skirt off and was fingering her
pussy as she watched us. I felt him tense up then he filled up the
condom with cum in my ass.I shot my load at the same time all over
his chest.I climbed off then my wife started to climb on and he
stopped her, he got up and left. I looked at my wife puzzeled???
then Rick came over a adonis of a man naked, tan tight body with a
nice thick semi hard cock. He said he was bi and heard we needed
help. He sat on the couch and I Imediatly started sucking his cock,
beating my wife to after I got him nice and hard I put a
condom on him and motioned for my wife to climb on.she climbed on him
easily sliding his thick cock into her wet cunt. She was riding him
slow at first then picked up the speed, all the time rubbing his flat
chest and abs. I kissed her and told Her I love her then went to the
bar. as I walked by these 2 guys playing on the couch, one said "nice
pantyhose". I stopped in front of them to watch them, then they both
started sucking my cock together, I was hard instantly.
It did not take long for me to cum while they was rubbing my
hosed ass as they sucked me. and seeing my wife getting fucked by a
hot stud across the room at the same time... I thanked them, went to
the bar area thanked Lexi, then went back to my wife.
She was now on her back and rick was fucking her good with her
legs high in the air and the other husband and wife were standing
over her watching, I stood next to them and watched also. she rubbed
my cock as she watched and I was playing with her husbands cock .
Just as my wife let out a deep moan the guy cummed in my hand. and
shortly after that rick pulled out , pulled off his condom and shot a
huge load all over my wifes tits. We all cheered, and she blushed
once she saw us all standing there watching her.
as we were leaving my wife asked me to just wear my
pantyhose,sandals and long t-shirt back to the hotel. I walked down
the street with no shorts on played with me as we walked
the 2 blocks back to our room.It was 4:00 am and we passed only 1 guy
on the street whho did a double take as he saw us. once in the room
we fucked like crazy reminising about what just happened. She then
kissed me and said Happy Birthday!!!...It was my best one yet!!!...............................................

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