Lisa Nelson (author)

Lisa nelson

"Holy shit Andy. I think you've fucked the life out of her."

The young man pulled his cock out, still red and throbbing. He stroked all along the shaft,

"Do you think you can take both of us Cat?" asked Andy, knowing she couldn't refuse as Ryan began to firmly rub her clit and bite her nipples, his cock also throbbing hard.

"Yes. God yes. Please just fuck me, I want to be filled by both of you. Now."

The men smirked and laid her across the sofa.

"Mouth and cunt first?" asked Ryan, to which Andy nodded.

Cat moaned deeply as she felt Ryan's long cock slide into her well-used cunt, slick with her lover's cum and her own juices. Andy placed his dick into her mouth, and the two started to work up a solid rhythm. She could taste Rachel's arse, and found it to be such a turn on.

The feeling of Cat moaning into his cock was driving him crazy, so he pushed all the way in to feel her throat around his stiff dick, every gag and tremble of her throat sent waves of pleasure through his cock.

She felt a tongue in her arsehole. Holy shit nobody had ever done that before and she shuddered with the dirtiness of it. She knew that Ryan was making her wet enough to stick his long prick into her hole, and with his hand on her clit she shook through another orgasm.

The sensation on Andy's cock after fucking the tall woman's tightest hole and now feeling his slut's orgasm reverberate through her body and onto his cock, caused him to shoot right down her throat, her nose buried in his pubes.

The young man still wasn't finished though, the orgasm had only stopped him for a moment before he grabbed his girlfriend, sat on the sofa and slid her cunt down over his stiff dick. Ryan moved behind her and entered her arse slowly and firmly.

The three got into a rhythm. She felt so full and so fucking dirty. Here she was with two cocks inside her, one her lover, the other a man she barely knew.

"Fuck me you fucking studs, fucking take my holes, they're yours to use, I'll be your cumslut, just make me cum again, please, just once more, just one more intense orgasm on your cocks. PLEASE!!"

The men took the hint and fucked as hard as they could, practically raping her holes, her big tits shaking in Andy's face, he took a nipple in his mouth, roughly biting and sucking.

The feeling of both these cocks was too much for her, and she screamed obscenities as the orgasm wracked her body, pleasure in all directions. Fuck she felt Ryan shooting his hot load into her arse, continuing her orgasm, this was amazing.

Knowing that his lover had just had the most intense orgasm of her life and feeling Ryan cumming in her tight arse pushed Andy over the edge once more, his cock deep into her cunt, he loosed his cum inside her.

Cat slid off the sofa, exhausted, cum dripping from both her holes.

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