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Liliana liu

We were as two flames joined as one reaching towards an uncomprehendable goal. Harder and faster, deeper and wetter and harder still. I felt as though I was so deep inside her that we were one flesh. Like we were truly one living creature.

I suddenly heard a whisper. It couldn't have been my master as she was writhing under me. No this was a male voice, in my head. I continued with my master but a conversation ensued that would change my life forever. 

"Thanatos?" He asked. "I knew you would make it through to me eventually. I can feel your shock but now you know that I am here." I saw a flash inside my mind and before me stood a man with a ravens head with sharp teeth. The flash became an all consuming reality. "Amon?" I gasped. "The one and only," he replied with a grin. "You seek my blessing, it is yours, your master is most delicious. We go back a long way. Please her that I shall grant your wish. You will begin to find your place in this world, this I promise. But a word of advice my child, ask and do not order. You will find that if you treat us with respect your potential could be limitless. This is all I will say for now but we shall talk again."

As swiftly as he had come he was gone. Suddenly without warning I came deep inside my master. She drained every single drop from my body. I must have Cum for what felt like hours inside her. Her vagina exploded in a mix of our juices all over the living room. We both lay there, exhausted and spent. 

When we had the energy she sat up. She ran her fingers down to the mass of Cum leaking out of her and scooped up a good few fingers full and swallowed it right in front of me savouring every drop with a wink. "You saw him, didn't you?" "Amon came to you?"
"He did, I can't believe it but I am sure," I replied with a smile. 
"You are good, not many novices could do that after a year. He must have plans for you although you are darkness and he is darkness incarnate. Perhaps he likes you." "I have to go but you have my number and I have yours. I will call on you soon thanatos." She got up and left.

I lay in bed a few nights later when suddenly at around 2am I received a text message. "Come to me now. The hour is nearly upon us." I had no idea what that meant but after the last time there was no way I wasn't going. My master was calling. 


Authors note

This is my first story which is based on a true reflection of events as I remember them. I am not a professional writer but write for enjoyment. I am a goetic shaman in private though I have a day job too. This is effectively my religion after a fashion. Please have the courtesy to treat my beliefs as you would any other religion and I will do the same for you. Thanks and i hope you enjoyed my first story. I am also happy to discuss my art. In fact I am currently seeking my own apprentice at the moment. See my other thread for further details.

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