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The damn thing kept slipping as we tried to pry it out, of course with all he levering and we split the ring in a couple of places and that made the whole mess slippery, and of course everything was coated with shit, so it was thoroughly nasty.

"Pity we couldn't just set the bloody bomb off sir." Andrews said.

""It's all right Andrews I can reach it with the pliers, here we are." I said as I got a good grip and it started to emerge, Andrews gave a good heave with the crow bar and of course Abdul's ass hole split.luckily the blood went downwards and back in him instead of across the floor of our shelter.

But at the end of the day it wasn't the sort of soldiering I signed up for.


I went outside and called my Grandma back in Sunderland, on my mobile, she loved to chat, and Abdul shuffled past me as Sgt Andrews covered him with his Armalite rifle.

Abdul just didn't understand what was going on, he thought he was a hard guy, right was on his side, that we westerners were soft and merciful, and that for some bizarre reason we were not only letting him go but had shoved the bomb back up his ass hole as well. Of course that was bollocks, we had changed the detonator's phone number and we just wanted him under the security Camera before we triggered the bomb.

"Fuck off then," Sgt Andrews ordered and I waited as Abdul made his way towards the main gate, we had yellow lines painted to show what was covered by the security Cameras and what was not, and as Abdul crossed the line I shut the phone down and Sgt Andrews and I ducked down behind the blast wall.

I counted to ten, as I switched the phone back on, and as expected Gran phoned back.

There was the muffled crump of an explosion.

The bomb worked beautifully, and when we checked the CCTV later, moving it frame by frame it showed him gradually swell up before he burst, his head went straight up, the shoulders to the left together with both arms although the forearms flew off, and his legs remained standing for a surprising number of milliseconds before they crumpled.

The rib cage splattered all around, ribs clattering like shrapnel on the concrete apron while lumps of flesh and guts and shit and gore splattered out over quite a wide area, and when the shit settled all that was left was just a skull some rag and a whole lot of offal.

"It was the Capacitor then Sir." said Andrews as he shook my hand, "Saved a lot of hassle for the lads, Thank you sir!"

"That's all right Sergeant." I replied, "All part of the Job, do you think you could you get the lads to clean that shit up before it goes putrid?"

The end

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