Katherine Hoeft (author)

Katherine hoeft

I lightly kissed her left nipple and then her right one and she let out a little moan "mmmmm." I continued to take off her dress. I got it to her hips and she broke the kiss so she could stand up and slip her dress all the way down and step out of it. She stood in fort of me and slipped off her pick and white bikini bottoms and I saw her soft little patch of pubic hair that got my cock harder She keeled in form of me and took off my pants and mu boxers. My 8`` cock got even harder if that’s possible.
"WOW are they always that big I haven’t see one up close be for"
"No mine is above average" I stoop up and steeped out of my pants and ripped off my shirt."once last she said and pulled that green hat out of her bag which made me very happy. Then she slowly started to lick my balls."Oh God " I moaned Then she licked up my length and lightly placed my Dick into her sweet mouth. She got about 4 or 5 inch's in before she stated bobbing her head up and down. I started to moan involuntarily 
I placed I hand on the back of her head she stopped to catch her breath and looked up at me with the sweet face of hers before going back to work on my cock.

After a few minutes of that amazing head she was giving me she stopped and started to suddenly straddled me. I just moaned my approval. She started to bounce up and down on my cock with a huge grin o her face and I knew she was loving it as much as I was. My dick was sliding in and out lie a jack hammer"ooohh Fuck Em...that fells...so fucking...awesome" I panted. She started bouncing so hard that the green hat came off but I didn't care anymore I was in complete ecstasy.
"Ohh fuck......ohh my God......Oh fuck Nick...its so big....oh yeah"said Em breathlessly. I knew she must be getting close to her climax. I leaned up from the back of the couch and started to lick her tits which just made her moan all the more. I stared to feel the oh so common twitch in my balls.
"Ohh fuck I going to cum"
"Ooh yes I'm cumming too, Come inside me Nick"
We both came at the same time and she collapsed on top of me. Once I had enough strength back I carried her up to my room where we fucked once more like there was no tomorrow and orgasmed together again even more intense that the first time. It was so amazing
"Emily your are amazing"i said and we feel asleep in each others arms.
I woke the next morning alone I looked around to see if Emily was still there. I saw her looking out over my balcony she had only put her bra and bikini bottoms back on.
"good morning beautiful" I said
"hey your awake, last night was incredible." I smiled after she said that felling quite proud of my self.
"Guess what" she said" I have the day off I was wondering if you would like to go to the beach"
"Sounds like a great idea" I replied........

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