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I could feel the head of my cock pass beyond the entrance of her pussy and then continue it's journey until it reached the end of her pussy. I still had almost two inches of hard cock ready to enter her, if she could take it. I then fucked her in that position for over ten minutes, being careful not to cause her any discomfort by penetrating to deep. 

Linda eventually collapsed onto her stomach with me still inside of her, then rolled onto her side after I pulled out. She extended one leg upward, allowing me to lay across the other leg while facing her, and I reinserted my cock into her. Laying like this I was able to take her breasts in my hands and bring her nipples up to my mouth. I continued too slowly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy as I drew each nipple into my mouth, sucking on it so hard that I was stretching it beyond its normal erect length. We held this new position for a few minutes until Linda said she wanted to be on her back and fucked hard. 

We both rolled over together without having to remove myself from inside of her. I found my hips cradled between her two widely spread legs, my stomach on hers, my chest between her breasts and my cock still deep inside of her pussy. With her size it was almost like laying on a soft cushion. We kissed, our tongues battling each other for control, and then I began riding her hard, using my hips to rhythmically pound myself into her like a pile driver pounding a steel beam into the ground. 

After fifteen to twenty minutes Linda began to moan loudly and drew her knees up towards her shoulders for deeper penetration. She reached behind her and grabbed the headboard of her bed for more leverage. Leverage too better meet the thrusts of my cock into her waiting pussy. We pounded each other as hard as we were able, with her screaming and yelling as she approached a massive climax. Moments later her screaming intensified as she felt my cock release the first blast of a massive amount of cum into the depths of her pussy. When Linda's orgasm hit, her body went rigid, her pussy clamped onto my cock, and a continuous yell from deep in her throat filled the air. I lay on the soft cushion of Linda's body as my cock continued to throb, releasing the last of my cum into her body. I still wonder how her bed survived the treatment we gave it. 

Afterwards Linda and I lay there together, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and enjoying the afterglow of some very satisfying sex. I eventually got up replaced my clothing while Linda elected to remain naked. I sat on the bed next to a reclining Linda, while we talked until I was ready to return to my apartment next door. After sharing a few more kisses, squeezing and sucking on her nipples, and placing some fingers into her very wet pussy, I went home to wait for my wife to return from her evening out. With a little luck, she will arrive home in a few hours with a freshly fucked and cum filled pussy for me to enjoy.

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