Justin Ragland (author)

Justin ragland

The aroma of his aftershave, my perfume and a new aroma of girls pure ’sex’ all blended together around us. 

I wanted to yell…"Hurry!"…yet I wanted the anticipation to last forever. 

I jumped. His tongue touched my clit gently and began to put me in a trance. His tongue was making love to my clit….I felt a warm finger enter my pussy and massage it. His warm breath put tingles in top of tingles. My hips moved with his fingers. I was starting to have one continuous slow orgasm. My clit was swelled slightly and was kissing his tongue back with each stroke. I had heard about a G spot, and now I knew where it was. His finger moved around in a circle over it. The orgasms got stronger and I didn’t even know what moans I was making.

He stopped. He inched his way back up on me. He whispered: ("…you feel as smooth as a warm porcelain china doll. I dreamed you would. I wanted so bad to touch you in class…but knew I never could.")

Those words jolted me as a big orgasm ran thru my pussy. I had to moan in his ear softly. His finger never left my pussy as he massaged it so beautiful….then…I felt it withdraw and the head of his erection start up and down my slit gently. I was shaking with the anticipation of what was coming…..

This would be my first sex. He seemed to know it and was so gentle. I felt the head of his erection ease it’s way in my pussy, I lost my breath and I kissed him with all the passion I had. My legs wrapped around his as we seemed to become one. My arms held him tight as I was sent to another world. I was having sex with a god. His big body glided with mine as the tension was beginning to come up to savage levels. He said…" I love you Jamie", he said. "Yes Logan, and I love you my…oh my god"….I couldn’t talk….bursts of euphoria took over my body as I felt shots of hot cum being injected in my pussy. He squeezed me so tight as I froze and let the feelings have their way with us….every nerve shook, I gasp over and over again as each shot of cum shot in me. It was to much as I moaned endlessly. He whispered: ("…oh my god Jamie, you’ve taken my soul and blended it with yours.") 

I heard his words like in a dream…echoing over and over….’you’ve taken my soul’…and he was right…we were ’one’ now, and nothing else mattered…..


I sat in Mr. Houser’s class and tried not to look at him. I had an inner tremble that no one but him would know about….as he had one also. All I could think about was graduation and we could finally be together. He was at the prom as a chaperone. The very last dance, they turned the lights down very low. We quick snuck out and met in Logan’s dark class room. He locked the door as we could still hear the band. We danced slow until everyone was gone….We were free as of…. right now….we kissed…. 

Good morning, I’m Mrs. Houser, Mrs. Jamie Houser…..

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