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When I lay there letting her recover Lillian said, "I love you." Then she opened her eyes and realized that it was me. She turned toward my wife and said, "I’m so sorry, I got carried away." My wife said, "It’s okay. I don’t mind. Really!"

I rolled over to my side of the bed, pulled Lillian onto her side, and then let her cuddle into me. My wife spooned her and the three of us took a nap. An hour later I woke up and my wife was looking at me, then she smiled, and mouthed the words…I love you. I moved and Lillian woke up. Before we left my wife gave Lillian a sponge bath making sure to clean her pussy real well. She didn’t want some other church lady finding my generous amount of cum inside a bedridden woman. Several nice kisses to each of us and several thank-you’s later, we left.

On our way home my wife asked me if I would allow her to fuck Ted. When I said yes, she asked me if I would allow her to go by herself. She told me that she might not have the courage to do it if I were there. However, she knew that if she were to sit on Ted’s lap facing him that he would fuck her. I might consider it rape if I were watching it. Again I said yes, that she could go alone. I knew that it would not be rape even if he did have to make the first move.

She could not wait two days for her next visit, she went the following day. I went over to check on Lillian. She called the person that was scheduled to come in and help her and told them that she was in good hands.

I figure that I was making love to Lillian while her husband was fucking my wife in less than one minute. I knew that I was getting the better deal. I also knew than when Lillian told me that she loved me, that she meant it. As we lay there afterwards cuddling, Lillian told me that her husband had gotten drunk and raped a woman. The woman turned out to be the daughter of someone very important and he got the book thrown at him. It was a state senator’s daughter.

We were still cuddled when my wife called and said that she was on the way. We were in bed when she let herself in. She quickly stripped and got in bed with us. As my wife told us about her Congical visit she and Lillian fingered the other’s pussy that contained their own husband’s cum.

Ted had fucked her all right, three times. She had not been in the room with him for more than five minutes when she climbed on his lap and told him to fuck her. He did not need a second request. She then worked on him until he could get in her a second time. She had left a good trace on each of his pant legs. Then just before their visit was up he got inside her for a third time. My wife told us how great a quickie could feel. Lillian told her how great a slow comfortable screw felt.

My wife said, "We can become very good friends in the next fifty to seventy-five years. We can share husbands and maybe even live together."

Lillian said, "I’d like that."

I replied, "Me too."

The End
Slow Comfortable Screw

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