Julie Shrestha (author)

Julie shrestha

"I don't care." he mumbled.
"well you obviously do care Nate or you wouldn't be sat here now." i say to him, I had stopped cutting up the mushrooms.
"I need to go." he says starting to get up.
"no we are going to sort this out now Nate. you say im hidding, what are you doing. you are hidding, and your being a huge hypocrit."I say to him.
"I know i am hiding, Because I have never felt this before." Nate said
"Felt what before Nate." i asked getting confused, he stood up and the next thing I new his lips were pressing against mine and they were urgent and longing. My head was spinning.
"What was that." i asked him shocked at what had just happened.
"I love you Roxie, the moment i saw you I loved you and I can understand if you wont feel the same, but i cannot hide fom this anylonger." he finished his speech and looked at me with his smoldering eyes and I felt my skin on fire. I leaped forward and kissed him again, feeling his soft lips against mine. He picked me up off the floor, and i wrapped my legs around his waist. I never wanted to let him go again. He carried me into his room, and we fell on his bed, drunk with a new kind of passion, I ripped the clothes off his back and kissed his body all over. I wanted him now.
he waisted no time in taking off my clothes and I was soon in paradise as he kissed down my neck towards mt stomach and then lower to my pussy. His tongue was quick to work licking my sweet spot until i felt myself begining to climax. He didnt stop and soon I was cumming again. He smiled at me and added a devilish wink. I couldnt do anything. He kissed my breasts and lingered on my nipples, gently lapping his toungue over them. I felt his cock head against my opening, and without warning he thrusted deep inside me, until He couldn't go any futher, and started to fuck me hard, he was an animal. 
In the heat of the moment my nail dug into his back, and scrapped down leaving red marks. He pulled out suddenly and flipped me over so my ass was in the air. "you ready?" he asked kissing my lightly all over.
"If you don't fuck me now I will leave." I said, my body calling out for his touch, He chuckled and I soon felt his cock againdt my ass pushing slow. It didnt hurt for me and before he new it, i thrusted myself onto his cock, and soon was having my ass fucked like there was no tomorrow. my screams of pleasure filled the air, and my body shuck through another intense orgasm. my shaking body nearly gave out, I didn't know how much more I could take, when Nate pulled out and cam all over my ass. He collapsed ontop of me and the rolled over to his side. I rolled over to look at his face. Both of us gasping for air, I turned and faced the other way, resting my head on his pillow."Nate?" i whispered
"Yeah rox."
"I love you too." i felt his arms wrap round me and I could feel his cock harden against my thigh. we spent that night learning each others bodies and for once in my lofe I felt secure in the arms of my man.

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