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Joye sullivan

Bill tried to cover his face suddenly embarrassed, his stomach churned and his face turned red. "Don't worry. I got plenty of shots of your hot action. I even have video of your big finish. It was sooo hot."

Tom's boyfriend, Jay was effeminate and had a slightly high pitched laugh. Jay looked at the back of the camera and showed pictures to Tom who had joined him. They looked down at Bill as he attempted to recuperate from the sound fucking. His ass was hot and tingling as he got up off the floor. Bill cleared his throat of cock sucking slime, "What's this about Tom?" Jay snickered, "Don't worry, silly boy. Nothing bad will come of things between us. You did want the chance to fulfill a fantasy or two, yes?" Bill had made it up to the couch and was looking for a towel or rag, "Sure. But, pictures?" Tom and Jay looked at each other and smiled. Jay had been reading Bill's stories in the other room all night, "Don't you want to be blackmailed into sex acts with other men? To keep your wife from finding out? You bad boy." Bill remembers every one of his stories and had no trouble recalling that particular one. Tom handed him a towel, "This was fun. If you want to do it again, we would enjoy helping you out. That's all. But, to make it more exciting we'll use your stories."

Bill thought about all the stories he had written. His fear and embarrassment quickly faded. Tom guided him to the bathroom and handed him his clothes which had been folded neatly. When Bill returned from the bathroom, Tom and Jay were in matching robes standing in the living room. Jay handed Bill a nonde brown paper bag, "You'll want this. Consider it a doggy bag." Tom smiled broadly as Bill took the bag and opened it. Inside the bag was the dildo from tonight and a note. Bill's knees felt wobbly again but just for a moment. He pulled out the note, "Here is an email account to use; pinkcarnation at (password)." At the bottom of the note was a hastily added line, "Check your mail often!" Bill got a chill of excitement, his dick sensitive and growing as it moved around inside his clothes. Tom grabbed him and kissed his lips long and hard. This time it was Bill who initiated the French kiss. Jay hugged them both slowly sliding his had down to cup Bill's still tender ass.

When Bill got home he checked the email account and found a lengthy email from bluecarnation. It outlined an agreement between the three of them. No telling on each other. No telling others. Honesty, sensitivity and respect. All the things Bill wanted to hear. He didn't need the paranoia that comes with the concern for privacy. Later that week Bill received an email, "You're going to come over to my house. Wear the dildo. We're going to have some fun, you and I. Unless you want your wife to find out what you do with other men. That you like sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass." Then a date and time, and pictures of him and Tom in various acts. Bill got that chill of excitement again.

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