Joseph Palmer (author)

Joseph palmer

We just let our lust grow and kept going with our hands. We got really hot and turned on. Before we knew it we were kissing and letting our feelings all out. It was so exciting sneaking the feels and his hands up under my blouse and on my tits.

..... I unzipped his pants and felt a nice warm cock in my trembling hand. It was happening fast and he backed me up over to a chair. I had on a short skirt. He got my panties down so quick I got dizzy with the anticipation of us fucking right now. He whispered breathlessly: ("Sheena…. oh baby…oh god I’ve wanted you so bad.") I whispered panting back: ("..put it in me quick, I’ve waited so long for this.") He turned me around and leaned me over the soft chair. He started slipping his cock in me from behind. His girlfriend could be back anytime, but we were desperate to fuck now. His hands went under my blouse and under my bra. He held my tits firm and we fucked together and moaned. We fucked hard and fast letting it build up as much as we could in the short time we had. 

.....I spread my legs wider to get him in deeper in my wet pussy. Loud slapping noises filled the room as my butt cheeks were slapping against his thighs. He kissed my neck as we both felt it coming. "Oooooooo!!!" we yelled as his cum shot hard in my pussy. I clamped my pussy down on his cock and fucked for all I was worth. My hips moved like never before, taking all the good feelings I could get. Damn I was hot with passion. I had never had this sneaking excitement before, and it was peaking my pussy out. My pussy trembled with excitement. I loved the flow of his hot cum in me. I squirmed to feel it over and over. I heard a car pull up in the drive. I didn’t want him to pull out, but we had to. I quick pulled my panties up as he ran for the bathroom. I quick air sprayed the room and headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a big box and held it. My pussy kept tingling non stop.

..... I walked out into the living room out of breath. It was his girlfriend. She assumed my panting breath was from moving boxes. My panties were full of Dan’s cum and I couldn’t help but smile at her. "Where’s Dan?" she asked in her blunt tone: "In the bathroom, I think." I said. She sat down in the same chair that Dan had just fucked me over, I walked by her with Dan’s cum oozing slowly down my leg. I passed Dan in the hall as he came out of the bathroom. He was carrying a newspaper in front of his erection. We just smiled as I went in the bathroom to clean up….

….My boyfriend never knew what a wonderful and exciting afternoon I had, sneaking a hot fuck from his best friend………(which was all true!)
….Randy said my fantasy cheat story had really got him hot and he began to roll over on top of me. We had wonderful exciting sex that night, with plans to do this more often….We continued our fantasy cheat stories and never seemed to run out of new stories …we always complemented each other on how ’real’…..
….our stories seemed to be………(wink)

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