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I sucked her clit, a little harder as Jackie groaned, gasped and screamed through multiple orgasms. Jackie was quivering, her pussy spasms made a squishing sound and pushed out a flood of womanly ejaculate with each contraction. Millie had by this time moved down so she could suck my cock back hard again. 

I was ready to fuck. Millie had me hard as steel and Jackie was wet and waiting. Jackie watched as Millie guided my cock into her still quivering pussy. We had rolled Jackie to her side facing Millie. Millie had her face in front of Jackie's pussy as I was holding Jackie's one leg up along my chest and her other leg was stretched out straight on the bed with me straddling it. With each stroke my balls slid across her inner thigh next to her burning cauldron of pleasure. Millie's head was in a position where she could lick my cock and turn to Jackie's clit without getting in the way of our fucking. My two middle fingers were buried deep into Millie's pussy and my thumb massaging her ingorged clit as I fucked Jackie. Within a very few minutes Jackie started cumming again. Her vice-like pussy clamped around my exploding cock. Millie pulled my cock out of Jackie and lapped at her pussy like a dog as my cum spurted onto Jackie's quivering pussy and her soft puffy mound. I could feel Millies pussy locking tightly onto my fingers as she came as well. Jackie was moaning softly as Millie cleaned her pussy. Then Millie moved up to Jackie's face and cleaned her own cum off of Jackie. Jackie returned the favor. 

All three of us got into the tub and washed each other before we went to bed in my room. Millie's bed was far too wet. We played around the beach all day Saturday and back to Millie's bed before dark. We ate crabs on the boardwalk before going back to the room, and each other after getting back. This time when Millie and Jackie fucked one another pussy to pussy with Jackie on top I stood along side of the bed between their legs that were hanging over the edge and fucked them both intermittently. Then I fucked Millie while Jackie sat on her face. What a fucking weekend. 

Millie had started to date again shortly after that weekend and married again six months later. But she made time for me, and Jackie. Sometimes both of us together, or just one at a time. As I said before Millie and I continued to fuck on a regular bases until I was 18, and at least once or twice a year until she moved away for a few years. I was the only male that Jackie would have sex with after that weekend. We had several threesomes with some of her women but it was never like the one with she, Millie and I. I maintained the musicians lifestyle and eventually popped all six of those teeny boppers cherries, none of which had a clue about how to please a man. I was spoiled. I had a full sex life but nothing spectacular until my high school home room teacher. That will be my next story.

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