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I was groaning, moaning, gasping, and crying out at the fucking he gave me. I came with a piercing crying that could have been heard in the offices below us.

When my body stopped convulsing, he pulled me into his arms, my legs around his waist. I was still in the throes of orgasm, just past the most intense part, as he picked me up, his cock still buried inside me. He hefted me up and let me fall back down the length of his cock. Over and over, raised to the head inside and released to fall over the length of it. He walked me to the same wall and pressed me against it and began fucking me hard and furious. I came, again. God, where does this kind of stamina come from …

As my eyes cleared, I was still in his arms, his cock deep inside me. "So, you think your glass office is exposed?" I couldn’t even nod. I knew it was. What could he mean by the question?

He gripped me and walked me out into the main room and lay me on the edge of the conference table. In moments, Mr. Franklin and the others were in their doorway, then moving to the conference table. I was in disbelief as each took a chair and sat down as Jake resumed fucking with the same energy and control. I turned my head to see each of rest of the team watching as I received the fuck of my life. Each, though, had a pleasant smile.

I looked up at Jake leaning over me. "Cum in me, sir. God, Jake, cum inside me … seed me. I want to feel you."

As if that was all it took, he did. The first spurt of cum made my eyes open wide. I had never felt such cum and it was one spurt. There were two more to follow it and my poor pussy couldn’t hold it. He continued to fuck me slowly as he spurt his cum into me. Then, he collapsed on top of me. I heard the others get up and leave us. I knew I was leaking cum onto the surface of the table. I knew I was a sweaty, ragged, and limp body. But, I also knew I had never been fucked like that ever before.

I cleaned Jake’s cock of our combined juices and as I did it, I decided this was something I wanted to add to my duties. I enjoyed the act of giving my appreciation.

I took yet another shower before moving on to Marjorie’s office. She was waiting for me with her blouse open, her bra pushed up, and her hand between her legs.

"I can’t wait until later, how are you at muff-diving?"

I smiled as I knelt before her spread legs as she scooted to the edge of her chair. Her panties were on the floor. "I don’t have much experience, Ma’am. But, I know what I like and … I hope to get the chance to practice." She smiled and closed her eyes.


NAKED LEGAL continues in Chapter 3: Jake's Team.


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