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Jim eastman

. He oppened the door before I could knock, he stared at me "oh sorry, Come in" he handed me a cup of hot chocolate."Thanks, i like your place" I said " thanks" he smiled.."My mom designed it for us before she died" I was taken back a little staring into his eyes" I'm sorry" I gave him a tight hug, "its okay" he said huging me back.. "Uhm well, it was really nice of you to choose to stick around with me" "yea well I couldn't leave a beautiful girl all alone in a place she's not used to, that would be rude of me" I backed away slowly trying to hide my blush.

"So do you have a girlfriend?" "No, Not at the moment, its a really small town, there's nothing much to do than talk & listen, How bout you havana?" "Uhm no, I've never really settled down long enough in a place to get to go out & meet people" "well that's a shock" he stared at me, " you seem nice, any guy would be lucky to have you" I smiled.. "How bout that movie?" "Ohh, sorry. I'm getting carried away" I sat on the couch & we started to watch the movie..

He kept glancing at me every now & then, my hand slightly brushed him "your really cold" I tried to hide my shiver, he stood up & left.. A few moments later he retuned with a blanket & moved in closer to me, he rapped the blanket around both of us & pulled me closer to him, my heart started to beat faster, this made me uncomfortable, I think he could tell because he started to move away from me. "No, don't" I said holding him back " I like the way this feels" he looked at me.. 
Icould no longer pay attention now, I lay my head on his chest & his heart beat increased... I don't think we could pay attention any more, about half way through the movie, a sex scene started to play, I couldn't help but look down at him. He was now watching my face as I let out a soft gasp at his errection pointing at me through his pants. "Sorry" he said trying to cover it with his free hand, I was now staring into his eyes, I was a little turned on, I brushed his hand away "Its natural" I put my hand on his face & pulled it towards mine in a kiss..

He was a really good kisser, it felt so wrong un yet so right, I pulled away panting "sorry, I really shou.." He started to kiss me again I was now sitting on his lap with my hands rapped around him, I could feel his erect cock rubbing against my pussy.. 

He grabbed me around my waist & turned me over so that he was now on top of me, staring me in the eye's "I don't. Think. We. Should. Do. This" he said trying to gain his breath back.. " I agree"... " I mean I just think we should take things slow, I'd really like to know you first".. "I want this to be special" I stood up quickly trying to fix myself.. "I think I should get headed home, I could use a shower" "I'll walk you home" thanks I said.. There was a heavy storm now, there's no way I was going to walk in that "I guess you could stay till it clears" he said. "That would be nice"...

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