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Jhon ajdini

We grab a hold of one another and start to passionately make out. It’s a mess of hands, water, lips, tongues and nails. I kneel in front of her, lift her up a bit and start to massage her pussy with my tongue. She’s already very wet, and not just from the water. I set her back down come up and our tongues meet. She then moves down to her knees, and blows me. Her technique is fantastic. Moments later I’m rock hard. I pull her up; we stop the water and dry each other off. This proves to be a process neither of us wants to make time for right now. Half wet from the shower and all wet from everything else, I pick her up and take her to bed. 

Arriving, we waste no time. I lie her down and climb on top of her. Her legs spread with eager anticipation. Like slipping into a velvet glove we come together. She puts her arms around me and digs her nails into my back. I find this encouraging and set a pace which can only be described as rampant. Having had two orgasms already today, it will take some doing before the third is ready to present itself. Harder and faster I drive into her. There is no discernible breathing pattern to be found in Nancy. 

Our minds are gone and all that remains are these two lustful beings, ravaging one another. I sit on my knees and rise up. Pulling at her legs to get her in deeper. We are both lost in lust. She raises her legs; I put them over my shoulder and continue to thrust. 

After one of her orgasms, I use her raised legs to turn her on her stomach. In doing so, our pleasure centers loose contact. This makes her turn faster, and in complete requirement of my wishes, she kneels in front of me. 

I thrust forward, grab her hair and pull her towards me. Further we ride. With all my sense being pleasured to their most extreme, I feel my orgasm building. The sight of my dick moving in and out of her, as well as her arched back and her hair pulled to me by my hand. The smell of sex in the room. The sound of her moaning. The feeling of my skin on hers and mostly the feeling of her contracting vagina walls around my dick. All this adds up to a devastating orgasm. I feel it coming up from my toes and shooting into her like a jetstream. 

When I’m done I feel her body going limp. I let go of her hair and she falls to the mattress. I see a little squirt of liquid coming out of her pussy. I fall down next to her. Unlike the previous times we don’t embrace or try to reinsert. We just lie next to each other in the same positions as we fell, trying to catch our breath. 

This was not love-making, this was lustful fucking. Who knew, that after the day we had, we both still wanted this. Nancy is lying on her side facing away from me. I pull off the cover from the bed, wrap myself around her and pull the bed cover over us both. No words are exchanged, just sighs and slight moans of pleasure. We’re spooning again. And the way we fell after our lust filled deed, is the way we fall asleep.

to be continued

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