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The next day, everyone was back, and Elina's two secretaries were on the job. She wanted to test them, so she turned on the toys, and both jumped in their seats, and their faces became bright red. Good, she thought as she smiled. Elina called up the girls to the office, "Come with me, lets have some fun."

She took the girls into a back room, completely bare, except for some motivational posters on the wall. "Take off your clothes, all of them, and take out the vibes, too. We are done with those for now" commanded Elina, and the girls instantly obeyed. 

Victoria's boobs bounced as they fell out of her shirt, perfect and natural, nice pink nipples. She had a well-trimmed pubic area, a little landing strip. She was bright red, standing in the nude, under the gaze of her superior. Sandi was all porn star, shaved bare and with obviously fake tits that never moved. The only thing natural was her long, blonde hair. After a few moments, Elina removed her clothes, revealing large, D sized breasts that seemed out of proportion to her body, along with a trimmed pubic area. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide, pulling her pussy lips open with her fingers. Sandi was the first to react, her head was between Elina's legs as soon as she realized.

Elina closed her eyes as Sandi licked, her tongue going from the lips to the clitoris and in, darting around. Victoria, more timid, bend down on her knees and sucked on Elina's hardened nipples. As Elina reached climax, both girls sped up, as fingers started to go in every direction. There were a few in Elina, Elina had two fingers in Victoria's hot pussy, and Sandi was fingering herself wildly. They switched positions, And Victoria got the same treatment, and Sandi did too. Sandi moaned in the most fake way possible, it was only by act of God that no one came up and saw what was going on. All three girls were panting and sweaty at the end of their session, and Elina left the room for a moment. Both girls were sitting on the floor, waiting, until Elina came back into the room with a large, black, double-ended dildo. It had to be about 2 feet in length.

Elina smiled as she sat down, facing Victoria. Elina took one end of the dildo, putting it in herself with a large sigh, and then pressed into Victoria until their wet pussies were pressed against each other. As Victoria rode the dildo, her tits bounced, and Sandi felt lonely. Sandi came up to them and started rubbing their clits as they moved up and down, only heightening the sensation for the girls. Both of them rose to climax rather quickly, and an intense one it was. After that, they were laying on the floor, with the dildo still in, catching their breath. Sandi was fingering herself to climax as it all happened, and after that, she was, as well, on the floor. When they were all back, the girls got dressed and put in their toys. Exiting the room, they found the entire male Sales team, smiling devilishly.

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