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Jessica stokes

She had ears-length brown hair, an athletic (she was a dancer) body, shapely legs and small cute A-cup breasts (which was why she didn’t wear a bra). All in all a cute little girl.
she threw on the clothes and turned to face the unknown man. `I changed in your stupid clothes, now I want my answers´. `Why am I here, how long am I here and what are you going to do to me?’ . The man looked at her and replied; "you are now property of my master. You are to do whatever he asks of you, no matter how bizarre or humiliating or unappealing it may seem to you. Your new purpose in life is to serve and please your master, time is of no consequence for you." Immediately angry Kim shouted ‘I’d like to see your fagg-ass master try!’ "O, you bet he will" was the sinister reply.
She was once again left alone in her cell. She heard the door lock in place after the man left. Kim thought hard over the strange and terrifying conversation moments ago. What would become of her? She didn’t think that she would be released anytime soon. Someone had to rescue her. Her parents lived just 2 blocks away from her and checked every other day if she was home for some coffee. They would warn someone that she was missing and the police would rescue her, she had no doubt about that. Maybe it was a sick joke and they were just kidnapping her for her parents money. Still not a very comforting thought but better than being a slave. Damn, did she just think of herself as a slave?
Then she addressed the next problem, she was starting to get hungry. She didn’t know how much time had passed since her kidnapping but she was ravenous. The room didn’t have any food or even eatable stuff in it, just dirty straw and a light bulb. She waited and thought over her situation for several more hours until she went to sleep to ignore the hunger.
Kim didn’t get much sleep this time it seemed. The man was back in the cell, holding a bowl of something. "dinner" he said as he put the on closer view dogbowl on the ground. It held some sort of porridge she guessed. ‘can I get a spoon’ she asked, to which the man just laughed and walked out of her cell. Stunned Kim stared after him for a few moments, until hunger won and she tried to drink the (quite good) porridge as cleanly as she could. It wasn’t nearly enough to still her hunger but it was something. She tried to go back to sleep, when she noticed a strange smell. Gas, she thought as Kim lost consciousness.
When she woke up she was in yet another room, filled with all sorts of tables and contraptions she didn’t recognize. She did however recognize the items on the walls, they were sextoys . Her worst fear since her talk seemed to become reality, she was going to be raped.

Short, but this is just a testrun, with enough positive feedback there will be other uploads. Also I would like to ask for reviews, this is my first time writing a story. Please let me know how I’m doing.

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