Jessica Smith (author)

Jessica smith

I could probably get more from these other guys, but they are no turnon. This guy! This guy I love kissing! That used to be reserved for women only. The hotter he made my the harder I tried to suck in his entire body starting at the dick. I wanted to return the pleasure I was getting from him!

And this rimming. Fuck. I wanted him in my ass at this point. I wanted to feel that heart-shaped head massaging my prostate. I pushed my anus out to meet his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and replaced it with two fingers, fucking them in and out as well as wiggling them independently. His mouth paused momentarily to pay additional attention to my testicles. I was on the verge of shooting a second load. Wow! two in one night, actually two in an hour! I hadn't done that for at least two decades at the time and not again since:( 

I told Dan I was close. He bit my balls. Hard! That took care of that moment. He then licked and kissed them so I knew he wasn't angry, just slowing down the arrival my orgasm, returning shortly to my dick. 

Fingers still dancing inside me, he took my maleness back into his throat and started to fuck me with his it again, this time moving his hips so he was fucking my mouth as well. I had saliva frothing out of my mouth. I collected so of it in my hand and massaged his anus until in accepted two of my fingers. From that moment on, I felt like I was deepthroating myself and playing in my own asshole. How fucking awesome. Had he not pulled out of both of us and positioned himself to give my cock and balls a cum bath, I think we would have had a simultaneous orgasm.

This was cool too. It was way different than I thought it'd be. I expected it to be sexier. It was more animal. More intense. Smoking hot, but different.

I asked him if he was going to finish me. He said no, he'd rather watch me finish myself, using his cum as lube. He lay with his head so close to my cock, I could feel his breath on it, and watched as I finished myself.

By the time I was done, my hand was covered in a frothy mixture of both of our sperm. I raised it to my lips and licked it clean while Dan cleaned my cock and belly to same way. He came up next to me and held me for a few minutes and told me he had to go.

As I helped him dress, he promised me the next time he would take some Viagra before coming over so he could just walk in the door and stick his dick up my waiting ass. I walked him to the door, he kissed me goodnight, opened the door and left my life for good.

Too bad. We had communicated by IM for several days afterward, making plans to get back together, and a couple of days later he just stopped answering my pages. A shame, really. I was looking forward to having him walk in the door and bone me without further ado. 

But, that date is a memory that will always be near and dear to me.

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