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Jessica heiser

Her hands continued to explore our exposed genitals gently, until she found her sweet spot and gently maneuvered her hips to allow access.. I groaned as the head slipped past the peach fuzz into her core. It was still incredibly tight, but the smooth walls and strong muscular contractions pulled the head of my cock within quickly. I eased my hands up to her glorious hard nipple breasts and gently squeezed their firm fullness as she moaned and erupted in a cock ejecting climax. Despite her brief orgasmic release, she frantically fumbled for my expelled organ and repositioned it, forcing herself onto its length with a painful yelp.
"Just relax, Ann," I coached as my organ sought deeper penetration. Her muscles released their cock crushing grip slightly yet sufficiently enough to allow my slick organ to become fully encased before they clamped tightly again. The sensation triggered yet another explosive orgasm. Ignoring her orgasmic throes, I withdrew slightly and plunged in again, her internal muscles milking the length of my shaft with inhuman efficiency. The deep boiling intensity of my impending climax arose almost instantly, and with a final squeeze of her delicious breast, I let go - spewing a lifetime of passion into her depths. A kaleidoscope of colors enveloped us accompanied by a cosmic symphony of soothing sounds, as we sailed throughout eternity; her hand firmly gripping my own. Her body had a halo of blue energy that shone like a star on the warm comforting cosmic journey we shared. We swooped past a multitude of worlds with a myriad of creatures of every description inhabiting them. Stars exploded in a cascade of breath taking light as asteroids whizzed by unhindered by the warmth of the solar winds. I kissed her passionately and our bodies entwined in a joyful carefree meld of unity. 
Slowly the fantasy faded into darkness, and I opened my eyes to a darkened trailer and a gorgeous blond sitting on my lap with her head on my shoulder and her pussy still clutching my deflated cock. I slowly repositioned myself to shift Ann's weight and she sighed contently. Replaying the memory of our cosmic voyage over and over again, I grasped at the elation the freedom provided and wondered somewhere, in the depth of my core, if there could ever be more. Ann had irreversibly changed my life, and I was destined to follow her to the ends of reality. I began to explore my sanity; was sex turning me into a mindless robot? She stirred, and the unmistakable tugging at my cock began again, far more gently than before, but with the same sense of urgency. Her big blue eyes fluttered open as a smile crossed her face. Turning towards me, she tightened her embrace as I slowly stroked the soft golden hair in the darkness. She drifted back into her dreams, still massaging my organ. I too, eased my head back and savored the feeling, and dreamed of a life filled with the hopes and mysteries of Andromeda.

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