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Jerry friesen

Then there was a rush of indefinable ecstasy laced sensations as my second orgasm of the evening swept through me. My arms and legs tightened around him out of reflex as I threw my head back. I heard myself whine out something unintelligible but definitely profanity laden.

Reacting to my orgasm, he sped up his trusts, humping furiously. Even through the blissful for that was clouding my brain, I knew he was going for the grand finale, trying desperately to join me in my climax. I was too spent at this point do anything more than lay there and happily take it, totally enjoying it. His change in tempo, the vigorous thrusting, helped prolong my orgasm until the inevitable end. He gave a couple of sudden hard deep thrusts into me, each one punctuated by the feel of the pulsation of his cock, signaling he was cumming inside me.

We lay there like that, still holding onto each other, trying to catch our breath. I still had my arms and legs wrapped around him, one hand rubbing his back. He kissed my neck, then moved to my lips and we kissed each other. It was a hard, wet, sloppy kiss, deep and probing that held the promise of an encore in the future, but it was over for the moment. It was the kind of a kiss that let me know that he didn’t think of me as just another piece of ass; that he thought of me as something special. It had been an almost perfect evening for me.

When he shifted off of me, I rolled onto my side, pulling his arm around me. His front was up tight against my back, my hand clutching his. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then settled back down.

"And to think all I wanted to do was dance with you and that led to all this," he murmured.

"Are you disappointed?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Oh, God no," he quickly responded, then after a pause, "I was just wondering, will we be seeing each other again?"

Awkwardly, I shifted over on my back. Still holding his hand, I raised it up to my lips and kissed it then smiled over at him.

"It’s all up to you, sweetie, but I really hope so."

He responded by kissing me passionately once more. I had my answer. I rolled back over on my side and scrunched back against him. My mind was made up; my asshole boyfriend was out, I would officially break up with him tomorrow. 

Now, I realized there was no real future for me with a guy who was ten years, almost eleven years younger than me, but for a while we could have a pretty good time together. That’s not as flip or calloused as it might seem, it’s just the simple facts; someday one or, hopefully both, of us would find someone who is age appropriate and it will be time to move on. Until then, we each found a playmate to keep us happily satisfied. 

I went out that night just looking for a distraction, someone to make me feel good about myself. I assume he was there for the same reason and we found each other. It’s wonderful how life works sometimes.

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