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Jenny dean

Lindsey yelled "hey! Come on! Suck my arsehole not each faces!" I reached under Stacey and collected some of the creamy juice that her pussy was leaking and began to smear it all over Lindsey arse-crack, collecting and smearing as much as I could and even rubbing some into Lindsey's arsehole too.

I pulled my cock out of Stacey's red hot creamy pussy and motioned for Lindsey to lay on her side and Stacey instantly moved round and began passionately lapping and kissing every millimetre of Between Lindsey's cheeks particularly paying attention to the centre of her tight bumhole. Lindsey pointed one of her sexy little feet at me and with a knowing look I placed my mouth and nose under her toes and began to slowly kiss and lick, her foot smelt and tasted so sexy as always. Stacey had shifted herself round and was rubbing her big juicy bum against my hard dick "I think she likes your cock Hun!" Giggled Lindsey , Stacey pulled her mouth from Lindsey's pucker and panted cutely "I love his cock linds! I might have to come round everyday and have him fuck me senseless! Eh babes?" I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and continued to suck Lindsey's stinky cute toes. Stacey continued to nudge her bum against my cock whilst she now deeply tongue-fucked Lindsey anus, so I relented and nudged the head of my cock between her meaty pussy lips before pushing my dick all the way in causing her to yelp. Lindsey fingers were now rubbing her own wet pussy which was pink and glistening, she looked up and smiled knowing how badly I wanted to taste and fuck her and pushed her fingers into Stacey mouth which she greedily sucked on before going back to getting herself off whilst getting a deep rimming from Stacey. 

I was now fighting hard not to cum so much so that my balls were starting to ache and I had to stop fucking Stacey's heavenly pussy "I think someone is going to cum" laughed Lindsey "I think you should cum over my bum and let Stacey eat it off" she added. I stood with my throbbing hard cunt cream coated cock close to Lindsey's beautiful bum, Stacey see my cock and instantly glued her mouth on to it sucking her own juice off whilst squeezing my nuts hard. I was on the edge and Stacey knew it so she stopped sucking my cock and guided it so the head nudged Lindsey's tight bumhole, Lindsey pushed back so the head of my cock was inside her anus whilst Stacey massaged my balls. "your such a nasty fucker hun! going to fill my tight arse with your hot spunk and watch my girlfriend lick it out eh?" hissed Lindsey "I going to eat you hot cum from her bumhole babes" added Stacey as she licked her lips seductively. I couldn't hold back any longer and emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into Lindsey, I withdrew my still achingly hard dick and Stacey instantly placed her mouth over Lindsey's arsehole sucking loudly and swallowing my cum with a big smile on her face........

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