Jennifer Anderson (author)

Jennifer anderson

The music is rocking and they fall into step - letting the beat envelop them and the alcohol melt away their inhibitions. They are both tall with long golden hair, short skirts, large breasts bubbling out of their skin-tight tops and the legs...oh, the legs, long and perfectly curved, accentuated by silk stockings and wonderfully high heels. As they twist and grind their sensuous bodies to the music, they attract the attention of the male patrons. Their super-sexy short skirts barely cover their asses, but they don't care. They are more than happy to give a few peeks. The longer they dance and the more they drink, the hotter they get. They soon find themselves surrounded by hot, young studs. As the men encircle them, they all bump into one another, legs, arms, bodies intertwined - hands groping, feeling-up thighs. Slower music brings them closer, arousing all participants. The girls start rubbing their hot, voluptuous asses over their engorged cocks. With nipples erect, the girls can't help themselves and open their blouses sending a ripple of sensation through their private dance party. This causes a hormonal rage and before the girls know it, the guys slip a few fingers into their hot pussies, getting them off and causing the wetness to flow. Even though the girls are steaming, they decide to leave the scene in search of more adventures.

They make their way across town to a favorite casino - quieter now due to the late hour. Feeling bold, they strip off their soaking wet panties and stuff them into their purses. They strut erotically through the crowds and are delighted when they catch a wink or a nod from an appreciative male eye. They accept the acknowledgements gracefully and even notice a few second glances from other women, though tonight it's the men they are interested in.

As they cross the floor, they see two middle-aged men sitting idly near the slots. They are not playing, in fact, they look rather bored. As the girls walk by and smile, the men perk up and take in the sight as the one girl drops a coin on the floor and bends down to retrieve it, revealing her nicely tanned ass. The girls pause to play a few coins and ask the men how their luck has been. They respond "not too good...that is, until you arrived". They play all their coins but stay to watch the men play. Knowing that they've given these old guys a thrill, they turn to walk away. The men, feeling disappointed, call for them to come back. The girls turn and laugh, reach into their purses and toss their scented, wet panties to their new admirers, leaving them with a souvenir they'll never forget.

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