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Jeffrey manus

I watched awestruck.
"Your turn." Elaine said as she turned to me. 

 This was new to me. Licking ass or eating pussy I could do but sucking a dick? Even if it wasn't real I had no experience at it. I opened my mouth and the dildo pushed in . Elaine was forceful and the balls were soon hitting my chin. I gagged some but overcame it.

 I looked up at Elaine with the fleshy dildo in my mouth. She had a devilish smile on her face as she fucked my face with her tits swinging wildly.

I couldn't help myself and started to masturbate.

 Audrey spotted it immediately. "Stop him." she said to Elaine.

 Elaine pulled the fleshy dildo out of my mouth and bent over to me face to face."NO!" she said and lightly slapped my face. 

 Audrey looked at Elaine 'It's time."

 Audrey pulled me to standing. Elaine pushed me onto the bed . I was lying face-down looking back at them. Elaine climbed on the bed behind me and pulled my hips up.

Audrey jumped onto the bed and was kneeling by my head.

 Elaine was rubbing some kind of oily substance onto the dildo. I suddenly realized what was going to happen. I could feel the fleshy dildo head touch my anus. Elaine wasn't wasting time as she pressed steadily into my ass. I could feel the head go in. Surprisingly there was little discomfort or pain as she worked it back and forth deeper into my ass.

 Soon I felt the front of Elaine's thighs touching the backside of my thighs as she had the dildo balls deep into my asshole. I reached back and felt the dildo balls as they touched my own balls. Elaine pulled out then back in. Slowly at first, but soon Elaine was pounding my ass and I was loving it. After several minutes they rolled me over onto my back.
Elaine on her knees put my legs over her shoulders as she continued fucking my ass. Audrey grabbed my dick and started masturbating me. Her hands felt like velvet vise-grips.

 I wasn't going to last much longer. " May I cum?" I gasped to Audrey.

 "Yeah baby! Cum for mama. Show Elaine how far you can shoot." Audrey panted.

 That was all I needed to hear and shot a massive load all over my stomach, chest, my face, and Audrey's hands. Elaine pulled out of my ass leaving me wanting it back in.
Audrey started rubbing her titties in my cum Elaine joined her. 

 After their titties were covered in my cum they started making out with their cum coated titties rubbing against each other's titties. I could only watch as they started licking the cum off each others tits.

 After a few minutes they stopped and Elaine got dressed. Elaine came over to me and kissed me on the forehead and then left out the door. I was too spent to help Audrey dress so she dressed herself. As she was leaving she picked up the envelope that Elaine had left and pulled out one hundred dollars "I going to leave you some spending money. I won't be here tomorrow, but will be the next day."
And with that she left.

 Wow I thought how nice of her.

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