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Jeffrey aponte

He had used his potion on himself and was now hard again. This was going to be fun. 
"Get down on your knees."

Louise knelt on the floor her arse in the air her sex open and inviting. Adji imagined he was a dog. Louise looked at him. No longer was he an old African but instead he looked just like a huge Great Dane. 

She felt its hairy paws on her back. She felt its long pink cock nuzzling at her cunt. She wanted it inside her. She guided it in. the dog began to fuck her hard and quickly harder and faster than any human could. 

It came squirting pint after pint of its hot cum inside her. Then its cock seemed to swell a large knot inside her splitting her hurting her exciting her. She closed her eyes and as she reopened them it was Adji whose old body lay on top of her. It was Adji who had just filled her body with his spunk

Tony rang Rosemary. The results of her blood test had come through she was clean. He could fuck her now.

He arranged for her to pick him up in her car. 

"I’m so glad to see you again."
Rosemary grunted a reply.
"Unfortunately the pedestrian you knocked down is critically ill and I’m being pressed to find the culprit."

Rosemary’s heart sank. Not only had she possibly killed another human being but she had not come forward not owned up. She deserved to be punished but the thought of being sent to jail was too terrifying for words. 

It was a small white house in an undistinguished neighbour hood that she pulled up her car at. Rosemary looked at the police officer. In his early forties she thought not that tall but big. He was powerful even if though he was at least six stones overweight. He was not at all sexy.

"Go in."
Rosemary entered the small house.
"You need to know what I expect of you and what I will give you in return. You will do exactly as I say sexually instantly and without question.
In return your crime will go unsolved.
I am not a greedy man so two or three times a week I will expect you to meet me here. In case you are worried I have no diseases as I’m pleased to see that you don’t either. So do you agree to my terms?"
Rosemary nodded. Told to strip shyly she obeyed. Only her husband had ever seen her naked as an adult. Tony appraised her body. He felt her breasts pleased as her big brown nipples responded immediately to his touch. 

Tony was enjoying the terrified look on her face. He understood her confusion she was not meant to enjoy his touch it was wrong but she did. He slid a hand between her legs the lovely young doctor tried to pull it away. He simply looked at her and she froze letting him violate her body in the most obscene manner.

He spread her legs wide apart delighted by her pink vaginal lips. He ran his hand through her thick silky soft brown bush. He smiled as her clitoris hardened under his fingers. He stroked the folds of her vagina pleased that she was wet ready for him.

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