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James cooper

"Watch me make eye contact Evelyn, intense eye contact during sex can help build intimacy.Looking at your partner from time to time can help you both feel engaged. Are you engaged James? Do you love to see me watching you? And Evelyn watching you?

"Do want me to swallow? Would you like to watch Evelyn watch me swallow? How about you Evelyn, would you like to watch me swallow?"

"Of wow, yes, that really is what I imagined a blow job should be. What a turn on for me."

"Does your man watch you pee?," I asked Evelyn afterwards as she watched James watching me pee. "No?, my man loves to watch me pee, look at him teasing his cock while he watches.

"Have you ever given your man a golden shower?," I asked Evelyn as she watched James enjoying my golden shower, just as I was, her face showing her pleasure.

"Are you bi-curious Evelyn? Would you like to shower with me?

"Yes, you know I am bi-curious," she told me.

"Would you like to visit us again next Sunday Evelyn? We could give you cunnilingus and fellatio, both of us at the same time?," I asked her as we were passionately tongue kissing.

"Or perhaps you might like us to give you some oral sex, cunnilingus and fellatio, before you leave Evelyn, both of us at the same time?," I asked.

"Yes please?"

I was in my element, just as James was, both of seducing a new sexual partner, or had she seduced us? Evelyn was on her back on our bed, naked, one knee pointing to the ceiling, at my prompting, as I wrapped my arms around her thighs, then licked and kissed her thigh, then her clit, then her almost bald cunt.

I was pleased to see James had a full, thick, almost ten-inch erection, as he teased Evelyn by rubbing it over her nipples before and after he licked and kissed them. 

"Oh wow, fuck, so big," I could hear Evelyn moan as James slid his erection between her lips in a fucking motion while I continued tongue fucking her. 

"You a quick learner Evelyn, so wet, and a very motivated one," I told her, pleased with myself as she orgasmed a second time for me while James was sliding his erection between her lips. 

James had his hands behind his head, his pleasure obvious, as Evelyn was lightly teasing his balls as he continued sliding his erection between pursed her lips in a fucking motion, the large vein in his cock looked ready to burst. "Swallow?," he asked in a whisper, just seconds before he gushed. 

"Would you like to visit us again next Sunday Evelyn? Now that you are losing your inhibitions we could show you new levels of cunnilingus and fellatio," I asked as James and I watched her pee for us. "We could both worship your ass, James has an ass fetish. We could both tongue fuck you, James while I sit on your face, while you tongue fuck me." 

Evelyn phoned me on the Wednesday, "Do I have to wait until Sunday Veronica? Are you both free on Friday night? And perhaps Sunday as well?"

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