Jair Paddock (author)

Jair paddock

I pulled his top up over his head, i wanted to see and feel that hot, tight torso under me. I climbed into his lap, straddling him on the chair and could feel the heat and power from that enormous cock underneath me.

I wanted it and I made sure to grind down on that dick hard. O was groping me roughly and letting his fingers tease into my panties and find my tight puckered hole, he tickled me and made me moan as I went in for more kisses.

O worked a wet finger into me and then I could feel the tip of his wet cock sliding into my panties, like it had a mind of its own. This is a part that I like a lot and did not want to rush it. Feeling that big cock sliding all over me, nudging and poking at my hole before slipping up my crack and nestling between my cheeks. I could do this for hours; it really gets me going.

O had other ideas, I am trying to avoid it sliding into my tight hole, and he was trying his best to get it up inside me. It was so much naughty fun teasing each other like this.

Then everything slowed down, the naughty, flirty giggling stopped, and we looked into each other's eyes, O bringing that small blue bottle up to our noses, we inhaled deeply, feeling the rush. I started pushing down ever so slowly onto his huge cock.

The poppers and wet fingering and teasing loosening my tight hole. O's massive cock was entering me slowly, inch by inch I would take that full length. I'd lift up a couple of times if the pain got too much but I'd always be willing to slide back down on it. I felt such a sense of achievement when my cheeks rested against his thighs, I loved being filled by him, It just felt right.

O easily picked me up and carried me the short distance to the bed, his cock still inside me as he carried me. I wrapped my legs around his ripped, hard torso and held him there tight. As he lowered me down onto my back, his hard, cock slipped from my gaping hole which made us both gasp.

O rolled me onto my side and nuzzled in behind me. Kissing my neck and threatening my hole with that big black cock again. I wanted him back inside me, I felt empty without him. I reached down to squeeze his shaft with my hand and massage those big balls.

I was aware he didn't put a condom on this time, but I didn't want it to stop. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles and stroked his shaft and balls as he fucked me. I wanted his cum inside me and I told him. Begging him to fuck me harder, telling him I am all his and to fill my ass with his hot cum.

I knew he was close, and he was about to fulfil something I'd been dreaming of for months, filling up my slutty hole with all his hot cum. I heard him hit the poppers one last time and he held his breath and released his orgasm inside me with animalistic groans. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he pumped me full of his hot liquid. We lay there gasping for breath, he held me tight in his strong arms, our legs entwined as we drifted off to sleep, fully satisfied.

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