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... And although other captives noted that she had been held with them for a brief time, no mention was ever made of Master Randolph."
A fanned-out stack of documents appeared on the screen. "After discovering that Weston Monty had assumed a new identity through an adoption process, my nerds went back and checked all records for any indication that Woodruff Monty had also been nearly adopted. Such a search is almost impossible... ... unless you already know the adopted name and are able to work from both ends."
I looked directly at Master Randolph. "You weren’t nearly adopted, Woody. You WERE adopted by the Williamson family. And you grew up as Randolph Williamson. It must have been quite a surprise to you when I... and the Inner Circle... imprisoned your brother William. That was when you contacted your other brothers and began a plot to kill everyone who brought him down."
"This is preposterous," Master Randolph sputtered.
"No it is not," a feminine voice said from behind me. Mistress Aleana walked up to stand next to me. "When I discovered what you were planning," she continued, "I tried to notify the rest of the Circle. Before I could do so, you took me to Brazil and gave me to Master Rod. But first you tortured me and used me to entice W into what you were sure was a trap." Her voice became very hard as she said, "But it was you and your brothers who were trapped."
She walked around the huge square of tables and took a seat in the empty chair next to her husband. "I move," she said firmly, "that Woodruff Monty, also known as Master Randolf Williamson, be transported to The Society’s island prison to await trial by an international court."
Mistress Tenesha stood up and said, "I second that motion."
Master Tyrone immediately said, "All in favor?"
A loud chorus of "Ayes" filled the room.
The two black-clad security men pulled Woody / Randolph to his feet. Sam Two Feathers had entered the room and now stood smiling at him. "You’re coming with me," he said in his gravelly bass. "We’ve got a family reunion planned for you on a beautiful tropical island." I had never heard The Society’s prison described that way, but I guess it was sort of true.
I turned to face the members of the Inner Circle and Shadow Council. "That completes my report," I said. "I will submit a more complete report including all expenses through normal channels."
I then left. Agent Sylvia, code name Pussy Galore, was waiting for me back at Shangri-la Three. She has been talking to poopsie and very much wants to experience making love under the stars with the traffic driving by on the highway below. I chuckled slightly as I silently accelerated toward the tunnel. I wondered if– when she was leaning out of the shack’s window on the bald mountain with me driving into her from behind– she would become a screamer like poopsie.
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