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George marshall

You will want something bigger, won’t you?"
"Yes, Princess, I think I will," replied Mistress with a smile on her face. "By the time I get to thirty, I want you to have trained my pussy to be able to accommodate the biggest fake cock on the market. Or a king-sized cucumber, whichever is the larger. Take out the cock, Princess, now it’s your turn to come."
"You don’t need to do that, Mistress." I replied.
"How am I going to practice my skills at cunt-eating, if I can’t eat yours?" protested Mistress. "I don’t have a girlfriend to practice on!"
"You won’t, I suppose." I replied.
"Exactly! Now be a good slave girl; park your cunt on my face, and let me eat it." I’d never had that instruction from an owner before! The closest my owners ever wanted to get to my pussy, was fucking it, and they didn’t usually care about my pleasure. The closest I got to a pleasured pussy on anything approaching a regular basis, was with my previous owner. On occasion, he used to like fucking me in front of a few friends, and for show, he used to make me come. After which, he frequently made my mouth available to any of the audience who wanted to use it; and there were often women as well as men interested in using my mouth. 
Being offered pleasure in an order from Mistress, I obeyed, and Mistress began to practice what I had taught her that morning. Two orgasms in one day; probably a record for yours truly, and the day wasn’t over yet! The next surprise was when Mistress reached into one of her bedroom cupboards for her collection of childhood books. She presented me with a simple alphabet book, and began to teach me to read it. I found it very difficult at the beginning, and wondered how you could teach such things to a child of three. Yet, I persevered, and slowly I began to read those childrens’ books. (Within a year I had progressed to reading books for pre-teens and within two years, I was reading books from Mistress’ own collection, although I sometimes had to ask for help with some of the big, complicated words. I learned quite quickly that if I typed a big word into Mistress’ computer, it would sometimes give me a smaller, simpler word that meant the same. Sometimes I thought that it was cheating, but it worked and I learned the meanings of those big words.)
Back to the here and now. 
Sitting naked on Mistress’ bed, with Mistress, being taught to read was highly frustrating but hugely satisfying. The concept of being able to read newspapers and shop signs was appealing, and I looked forward to being able to do so. I also liked the idea of being able to write to my family, to tell them how I was getting on, and to tell them that for the first time in my life I was truly happy.
By nightfall it was time to head for bed, and time to make love Mistress again. Mistress demanded a sixty-nine for mutual pussy-eating, and then doggy-style sex on the bed.
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