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Gary daniels

" do taste good, don't you?" you manage to get out, keeping the cum in your mouth. Leaning down, inches from my mouth, you tilt your head so you can speak without losing any of the cum. "Now, I wouldn't want to deny you any of this. And it's your job to clean it up. Here you go." With that, you plant your lips on mine, firmly kissing me. With your tongue, you feed the rest of my cum to me. I can feel the large load sitting in my mouth, but I'm enjoying kissing you too much. After kissing me passionately for a few moments, you pull back, licking your lips. 

"Enjoy that?" you ask. I nod my head. Noticing the remaining bit that's on your hand that was around my dick, you put your fingers on my lips, telling me, "Now now, be a good little slut and clean up all of your mess. Lick my fingers clean." I lift my head up, taking your fingers in my warm, wet mouth, and use my tongue to lick your fingers barren of any cum, which is a sensation that sends chills down your body. Once they are clean, you withdraw them. Looking down at me, you can see I've got quite a large mouthful of my own cum. Smiling, you tell me the final part.

"Now, you're almost done. But all that cum needs to go somewhere," you playfully taunt. Turning serious, you look me in the eyes. "With that being said," you say in a firm, no fucking around, tone, "swallow every last drop." The look in my eyes is nothing but pure disbelief. I shake my head. "Do it!" you command. Staring at you incredulously for another moment, I give in, accepting that your way is the only way. I swallow it, but it's such a huge, thick load, that it takes me a second to get it all. "Now, open your mouth and show your Mistress that it's all gone, like a good little bitch." I do, and upon seeing an empty mouth, you give off a squeal of delight again, and grab me to kiss me, thrilled at my humiliation and obedience.

"You've been such a good little pet tonight. You took it up the ass, made me cum, and cleaned up your mess. For that, you get your reward," you tell me, smiling and excited. 

"Does that mean I finally get free?" I ask, almost pleading and begging. This makes you chuckle. 

"No, of course not. You're still my little fuck toy. But now, you get to enjoy my pussy the right way!" With that being said, you throw a leg over me, and straddle me. "Are you ready? You know the rules. Make me cum, and don't you dare think of cumming without my permission. If you do, so help me, I'll sit right on your face and make you clean it out of me." I nod my head in understanding. 

At that, you lower yourself down, grabbing my still hard cock, and guiding yourself down onto it. Once fully settled, you look at me, and give me a final order.

"Now lay back, and let me ride your dick. Oops, I mean, MY dick, since I own you now." No sooner are the words out of your mouth, you start sliding up and down my cock, riding it as hard as you can, into the night...

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