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Gary carter

Eva was now flat on the bed; Madeline straddled her mouth, burying her pussy lips, deep into Eva’s mouth. Eva got hold of Madeline’s boobs and squeezed them hard. Madeline let out a huge moan and ground her pussy even harder. Eva’s face was filled with Madeline’s juices, and the look on her face said that she wanted more. Madeline was happy to oblige. Madeline’s hands crept backwards to Eva’s pussy and it was sopping wet, she moved her fingers over it for a while as Eva enjoyed the attention. Then Madeline brought this finger to her mouth, and slurped Eva’s hot jizz with a hint of amazement in her eyes.
I was almost at the end of my holding prowess, and the last sight was simply enough to send me over the edge. I squirted like a hose pipe, as ropes and ropes of thick, viscous semen landed on the floor. The stifled moans however egged me to look on.
Madeline by now had slipped on to the bed and Eva was sucking on her tits like an infant; just then Eva’s hand crept to a drawer and she removed a huge double headed black dildo from her bed drawer. I almost shuddered looking at the length of that thing. Eva held it straight and slowly pushed it into Madeline’s huge cunt lips. Madeline grunted in approval as her pussy welcomed the intruder. Eva pushed it bit by bit as Madeline’s moans had now turned into screams. She then began to fuck her with the dildo. Slowly picking up rhythm and pushing it harder with every stroke. Madeline’s pussy had wet the bed sheet now and the entire room smelled of her cunt. Her pussy lips were glistening with hot juices, which I desperately wanted on my tongue now.
  I just realized that I had created a mess outside the room, and so I mopped it up with my handkerchief. I looked on.
Eva now had the big dildo right inside Madeline’s pussy. She herself was in doggy position and both of them were fucking each other with that dildo. Rosa had often told me about her Mom’s toys and how she peeped at her mom in the bathroom and jacked off to the beautiful sight. I wasn’t surprised now. Both the women were fucking each other with that toy and I realized that something was about to give. Their tempo increased to a new level. Both were on the verge of a stunning climax. They both began to scream at the top of their voices. Madeline screeched, "I am gonna cummmmmmmm you bitch. Harder Harder Harderrrrrr, aaarhg". Eva joined in too, "me too you whore, push it deeper, ah fuck fuck fuckkk"; their bodies shivered as they fell to the bed after this intense session. They both then embraced each other, and locked their lips passionately. 
I had now jacked off, a second time and it was now time to put my member back in prison. I did so again with utmost care and silence. When I looked inside this time, the action had stopped and both of them were looking in a direction, which I could not see, from the angle I was in. 
Eva exclaimed, "Rosa, darling, put down that camcorder now and go and meet Sam, he’s just outside the room."
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