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Felicia chapman

Her white skin contrasted with the black ensemble, she wore no underwear, the black triangle of pubic hair only added to her incredibly erotic appearance. "I thought you’d like it," Dot purred as I sat on the couch. She paraded around in front of me while I shed my clothes and played with my stiff cock. After sucking my dick she sat on it and I buried my face in her tits and felt her arse. "Come, let’s go upstairs," she said. I watched her walk up those stairs and thought I would cream right there and then. The site of her legs, arse and pussy as she ascended is something I will remember all my life

We didn’t get together again until my two-week holiday beginning the second week of June. I had planned to hitchhike around Europe with a mate but a few days before our holiday he caught chicken pox from a younger sister. I didn’t feel like going on my own so I decided to stay home and hopefully see a lot of Dot. As it turned out we got to see each other almost every weekday and fucked all over the house. I learned an awful lot in those two weeks and Dot always enjoyed our time together. I had a new girlfriend and we were screwing about twice a week at her place when her parents were out doing some kind of charity work they were heavily involved with. When I returned to work on the Monday morning I felt like I needed another holiday but the resilience of youth won through and when I wasn’t fucking my girlfriend, and sometimes even when I was, I thought of Dot.

Dot and I did manage to see each other a few times over the next couple of months and it was in September when I feigned another sick day that she told me the news. There had been much discussion between her and Billy over the last few months about what was wrong with their marriage and what to do about it. Dot wanted to continue having sex with me but realised I would sooner or later move on and besides, she wanted to keep her family together if at all possible. Billy had promised to curb his drinking and pay more attention to the family. They had decided to make a completely fresh start in South Africa and would be emigrating in November. It was a bit of a shock but I got used to it and thought it would probably be the best thing for them. We fucked like crazy when the very few opportunities arose and then she was gone.

I remember Dot fondly to this day. She was a sexy, horny, sensual, mature woman who had a major influence on shaping my future sex life in the following ways: 
-I prefer women with a bit of meat on their bones rather than the rail-thin models that abound today.
-Big, natural tits over fake, silicon jobs any day. 
-Women dressed in heels, stockings, garter belts and other sexy clothing and watching one walk up stairs dressed like that is still the most erotic sight for me and always brings on a powerful erection. 
-I love playing with a woman’s arse and pussy while she waits to be fucked doggy-style.
-A soapy sex partner is still a thrill.

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