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Tammy then announced that that was it for the show and if anyone wanted to purchases any of the items to please come up to the table and she would take care of them. I waited for about fifteen minutes before Cindy came back out. She had changed back into her street clothes (damn) but was carrying a big shopping bag with her. I figured that she had decided to buy one of the outfits herself and couldn’t wait to get home and have my own private show. She actually waved to me and then held up a finger, telling me to wait just a minute. She then walked over to a table with two men about 40 years old at it. I saw her talk to them for a couple of minutes and then give each one a hug. 

When we got to the car I asked if she had bought a new outfit. She said no. I asked what was in the bag. She told me she had several outfits in there. I questioned her as to how if she hadn’t bought them. She said that the two men she had talked to a few minutes ago had bought them for her. Apparently they liked how she looked in them and wanted her to have them. Wow. 

I told her I hoped I would see them sometime in the future so I could have a chance to thank them. She told me that they would be there in two weeks for the next show. She then told me that the only way they said they would come back was if she was going to be in the next show. She looked over at me and said that she definitely wanted to do this again. 

We made it home and unfortunately I didn’t get my private show that night. Simply because we were both too turned on to wait any longer to have sex. After a fast and furious first round, we slowed it down and while I was lying back, she was slowly bouncing up and down on me as we relived the night. She said that this was actually even more of a turn on than when she stripped at the bachelor party. She said that being in a public place with all of those strangers, and even a few of our friends, was just a bit more erotic to her. Knowing that at any time anyone could walk in that she knew and find her showing off had her wet most of the night. She also told me that she had intended to wear the nude thong under the body stocking, but she was so excited that she forgot and didn’t realize it until after she walked out. By then it was too late so she just went with it. I am glad she did. 
She actually did a total of five of these shows. She ended up with a very extensive lingerie collection from it. During her last show, her cousin happened to come in with her boyfriend. It was a little uncomfortable for her, but her cousin seemed cool with it and while we never really spent much time with them before this, afterward we would hang out with them more often. It was fun to watch as her cousin began to loosen up and soon Cindy had her wearing more revealing clothes. 

In later chapters I will tell about some of the fun that came from Cindy taking a part time bartender job at the bar………………..

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