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Felicia chapman

I like fucking my brother, but he never effected me like this. I feel like a princess in his arms, and he’s the prince taking us for our first sex. I want that boner I saw deep in me and I’m going to fuck him so he’ll never forget it. My brother and I, our first time was hot…..when I caught him wanking and just went over and crawled on top of him. He panicked and said ’..we can’t!’…I just stuck his cock in my pussy and he was a goner, we fucked so good, he flooded me with his cum and I had a mind blowing climax. ’)

We went to slow motion. We wanted this to last forever. We both trembled as I opened her legs and started kissing her thighs. She wiggled and squirmed. She reached for my head and pulled my hair some. She was trying to make it last but also wanting to fuck so bad. I reached her warm pussy and her legs went around my back. I felt them trembling with anticipation. She had hot reddish pubic hair. The feel of it on my lips was making me tremble too. My tongue went up and down on her wet slit. She raised her pussy to meet my tongue and force it to go in deeper. 
She started saying…"..turn, turn now baby, turn!" I moved my hips around to her head. We lay on our sides. She quickly had my boner in her mouth getting it all wet and slick. I buried my face in her sweet pussy. I heard her moans as she took my cock in her mouth all the way in. I put three fingers in her pussy and went for her G spot. I teased her clit with my tongue. She began to shake, and pump her pussy to me. I felt her hands fondle my balls and butt crack. She began to moan loud as I massaged her pussy. 
I had to fuck her… and now! 
I quick turned and put my cock in her warm pussy and pushed it in deep. We started in fucking violently with moans from heaven. She squeezed my cock hard with her pussy and started yelling as she climaxed hard. I felt an explosion come up from my cock and I started cuming big. Her legs dug in me deep as she moaned and shook. My cock kept shooting and shooting all on it’s own.

 Her fingernails dug deep in my butt cheeks as we squirmed and moaned. Then her arms went so tight around my neck I could hardly breathe. She thrust up driving my cock in as deep as it would go, over and over again. We both shook and squirmed until we just slowly went weak. Spasms took over and jolted us each time. Our gasping for breath was the only sound now. I don’t remember much after that. I seemed to leave this world with her with me.
When I got home I could smell Sean’s aftershave in our bed as the girlfriend slept with a smile.. 

I got up the next morning and the girlfriend was already up and fixing breakfast all smiles. We kissed good morning and sat down to eat. All was quiet. Finally I said: 

"Sean and Angie were a fun couple, we should do that again." She grinned and said: "I’ve already arranged that for next Saturday night, only this time Sean and I have some ‘errands’ to run that may take a very long time"…..

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