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Erin gonzales

Her ass started to push against my tongue making me penetrate her deeper. "Andrew I’m coming!" she moaned. I stopped moving around and just held my position. Two fingers deep in her pussy and my tongue licking around her ass pucker. Her whole body was shaking and she just collapsed on to her side, pulling me out of her as she went. I laid down behind her and hugged her while she was recovering. We stayed there for a while, a lot of "I didn’t think I would enjoy that, but wow" was repeated a lot. "What made you want to try that?" she asked me, holding my arm tightly to her chest. "I don’t know, I just really wanted to try it all of a sudden. You sure you liked it?" "Yeah I was just really nervous at first." "Cool, cause I really liked doing it. "We’re not done yet you know" she says, her free hand reaching around for my cock. Grabbing it and rubbing it against her still soaked pussy. She turned her head to face me as much as she could and we started making out slowly. Sarah grabbed me and was trying to reposition my body over hers "I really need you to be on top to start" she said between kisses. I put my legs between hers and she guided my cock to her pussy. That first push in was amazing. I stopped kissing her just to watch her face. Her eyes were gently closed and her mouth was in a big open mouthed smile. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper inside with each thrust. She grabbed one of my ass cheeks and moaned deeply. As I sped up my thrusts she said "let me go on top." I hopped off of her and she straddled me and put my cock inside of her. She leaned back, giving me the best view of my cock going in and out of her pussy as she grinded her hips forwards and back. "You like that?" she asked. "Yeah Sarah I love it, I love watching my cock go in and out of you." I replied, totally in her power. "Good because I want you to remember tonight for the rest of your life." I put my thumb over her clit and started playing with it as I reached another hand around and with my middle and index finger rubbed the spot where the base of her pussy and the bottom side of my cock met. I knew Sarah loved that, she started moaning louder and louder as I pushed harder and harder.
I was starting to get close, and I could tell Sarah was too. "Andrew I’m gonna come!" she moaned as she bent over forwards and started kissing and tounging my ear "come with me baby pleeeaase" she begged. That sent me over the edge. I started pounding her hard and moved a hand to her asshole. My finger was wet with her juices so it slipped right in, about two knuckles deep. "I’m Coming! Holy shit I’m Coming! Andrew I’m coming so hard for you!" she cried out.
"Fuck Sare I’m coming too!" I came deep inside her, slowing my strokes until I stopped completely. I pulled out of her and laid down beside her. She wrapped her body around mine, still shaking a bit. She stayed the night and said goodbye to me as I got into the cab on the way to the airport.

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