Eric Nycz (author)

Eric nycz

Which was driving me wild. 
"please please Daddy fuck me" I whined rocking my hips up and down. 
Daddy pulled his cock almost all the way out as he slapped me hard on the ass saying 
"I’ll" slap
"fuck you" slap slap 
"when" slap
"I’m good and ready" slap slap slap 
"don’t" slap
"forget" slap 
"your place" slap slap 
"Butterfly" on the last word daddy pushed his finger into my ass as he drove his hard fat cock deep into my aching pussy. All the pain from my stinging red hot ass was forgotten as he slowly fucked my ass hole
"Butterfly your ass looks so Sexy with my hand prints all over it" daddy said driving his finger in deeper
"Yesssssssss Daddy that feels so good" I cried out Pushing back as he shoved a second finger deep in my ass and moved his other hand to pinch and rub on my clit. Have been made to wait so long I came hard screaming out as I did
Daddy fucked me. Until I was unable to hold myself up any longer my arms gave out I laid with my face on the bed as Daddy moved his hands to my hips holding me up so he could fucking me harder and deeper I moan and screamed cum running down my legs. As Daddy savagely fucked me. His powerful thrusts pushing me up towards the head of the bed only for him to Slam in harder as he pull me back down to meet his rock hard cock
It was hurting now Daddy was fucking me with suck forces I was sure id be bruised wouldn’t have been surprised to see blood between my legs as daddy took what he wanted. Pounding my pussy until it was wide open and raw. The pain only heightened my pleaser. Daddies control over me all consuming I screaming out thrashing on the bed unable to move held tight by daddies hands my pussy speared on his cock I hung there cumming so many times I lost count
when I didn’t think I could take anymore was about to begging Daddy to stop he pushed in deep pulling my hips back on him filling me with his cum. Daddy pulled his softening dick from my sore pussy and stepped back watching as our mixed cum leaked out of my red swollen pussy. I just laid there unable to move soaked in sweat and cum
When we were able to breath again our hearts no longer beating wildly Daddy help me stand holding me up on wobbly legs as we walked in to the bath room Daddy picked me up Setting me on my feet again in the shower I moaned as the warm spray covered my tired sore body. Daddy washed the sweat and cum from our bodies. I tried to help but all I could do was stand there swaying on my feet as Daddy scrubbed me down, whimpering when he ran his soapy hand over my well used pussy 
Once we were both clean Daddy towelled me off helping me back to bed, holding me close as he pulling the wet cum soaked blanket from the bed and laying me down wrapping his arms about me and kissing me softly daddy said
"sleep baby girl"
"I love you" I whispers as I drifted off to sleep 
"I love you too" 
I hope you all enjoy 

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