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Eddie buyu

It was a bit of a task getting my eight inches out of the zipper but she could play with that till I stripped off. I had to lay back so she could pull my shoes off then my pants but she didn’t stick around. I was still laying there after she had thrown my pants over her shoulder and Vida crawled over the top of me on her way to bed. She was going tantalizingly slowly so I had no trouble catching up. I got down and covered her doggy style like I had before, but after I was buried in her I got up. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up with me, impaled, feet off the floor. 

Vida’s fine round ass was pressed to my lap, her legs bent back at the knees and her head arched back as if to hold some of her weight up on my shoulder. Her hands came up and clutched my hair while she made a few great noises that ended in "Oh fuck me!" I don’t know if anyone had ever done that to her but I had certainly never done it. By the time I walked like that to the bed, landing on my heels with each step she was writhing. Vida found the mattress with her feet as I stood before it and finally being able to hold some of her weight she began to push up then fall back onto my prick. No longer holding her whole weight I groped her and tweaked her at my pleasure. Hers too by the sound of it and when I thought she had started to climax I bit her shoulder roughly. When I finally fell forward onto the bed she was coming hard. I backed off, I had cum earlier and was going to last longer. 

"Got a vibrating dildo?" I asked in her ear." 

 "What do you think?" 

 "Get it." I commanded. 

Vida stretched to the bedside table’s drawer and produced one, fuck if it didn’t look like me. I took it and was delayed a few seconds figuring out how to turn it on then I pulled out and pushed it into her. I was just working it around getting it wet.

Come on baby, that’s cold and your hot. Give me the real thing." She said. Without answering I rolled her over lifted her leg and pulled the vibrator out, only to slide it down and work it into her ass. When it was in there buzzing away I got on and shoved into her pussy, filling her with eight inches fore and aft. 

"Oh My God!" she said. 

I started fucking her like I didn’t care what happened. The vibrator was probably working on me more than her, she was really tight, and she was squirming like crazy. I was just about to explode when Vida suddenly bit the shit out of my shoulder. I can’t describe what happened after that because I lost my mind. I was shooting between the planets, Vida was the sun, and I was falling into her. 

That was about a year ago and the lottery money is just about gone. I have watched Vida do some crazy shit with all kinds of guys. Had all kinds of insane sex with her. Did eventually tie her up and rape her but not as many times as she did it to me. In short, Vida taught me things about fucking and being fucked that will stay with me forever and I will never forget Vida

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