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I made it slow so that I could get the most out of feeling her moist flesh parting for me.

"Touch him, Esther," Carlo prompted her. "Touch him here, on his back."

I felt Esther run her hands slowly over my back, my ass, my legs. She touched my cheek as I kissed Marisol deeply, sensed how Marisol’s tongue licked around in my mouth. I wasn’t ready to bust again so after we'd had our fill, I sat up and pulled Marisol in front of me. When Carlo touched Esther’s neck and his cock started to get hard again, she kissed him and stroked him fully erect. I watched as she climbed on top of him, spreading wide to accept his rigid monster.

"Now it’s your turn, Alex, touch her," Marisol took my hands and placed them on Esther’s body. I watched Esther grind her hips slower as she seemed to try to get him as far inside her as she could. She bounced up and down on his shaft energetically until she grabbed his shoulders fiercely and he made the sounds of a man ejaculating. After that we were too tired to switch back to our true partners and fell fast asleep, the women cuddling lightly between us.

We ordered breakfast up to our room as day broke. Esther and I thanked them profusely for inviting us and introducing a new world to explore.

"We’re happy to have shown you the way," Carlo told her. "We are passing on what a lovely Italian couple did for us. However, I don’t know if you’ll be like us in your journey, I have a feeling that you’ll be much different. I do think that you’ll be freer than other people and very happy. Maybe you will find more like us and explore even more."

We walked them down to the lobby and outside, taking in the refreshing salt breeze of the morning.

"Did you say Marisol still poses?" I asked.

Carlo told me her stage name and told us that she even had a web site. "She could always use another couple of subscribers."

"When we get some free time," I told him.

"We like this place," I remarked as I looked out across the bay with Esther in my arms, "Will you be staying in California a while?"

He drew a deep breath and shrugged expansively. "I don't think we will. The coastline is stunning, the cities are vibrant, but there's so much I still want to see that I honestly don't know when we might come back, if at all. There are so many wonderful sights and experiences where you wouldn't think to encounter them. Just think, we had stopped to clear my eyes and found you two. It's exciting to think what else we may find. Farewell, amigo."

I shook his hand, Esther and Marisol kissed, and then they walked out of our lives.

Esther put her head on my shoulder and hugged me tight. I looked at her face and saw her considering it all. "That was pretty amazing, wasn't it?"

"He's so very right," Esther said, squeezing my hand. We walked the other way, off to find our own encounters.

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