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It wasn’t that bad, therefore he continued to eat, filling his stomach. 

With the afternoon tapering off, five twenty five came along. A minute later, he heard the lock turn and saw the door open. Inside stepped the lady, looking all professional in her business attire. Approaching the sofa, she tossed the briefcase upon the cushion and went over to Ron. Unhooking the cage’s entrance, she next reached in with her hand, saying, " Oh, c’mon, don’t be scared, I’m not gonna kill you." 

Shaking, the little man nevertheless let her take hold of him, asking, " What are you doing?" 

" When a woman comes home from a day’s work, her little man’s got a job to do.", she replied. 

With Ron in hand, Lisa went over to the sofa and sat her attractive ass down. Arching her frame forward, she placed him atop the coffee table. After releasing him, she leaned back and stretched her feet atop the oak finish. 

Gazing at her sexy pumps, he watched as the woman slipped out of her right shoe, exposing her toes covered by the stockings. Slowly, she moved her foot over to him and said, " Massage it, let’s go if you know what’s good for you!" 

Awed and overwhelmed by her superior, yet sexy foot, he took in its oder. Her stockings smelled from being all day on her feet. Nevertheless, in fear, he complied, starting at her ankle and working himself all the way to her toes. 

" Now that’s good, keep it up.", she said. Massaging away, Ron eventually got tired, saying, " Lisa, my arms are hurting me, please, can I rest for a minute!" 

" If you stop, I’ll put you to rest for good!", was her insensitive response. 

Continuing with his work, his arms ached away, for she let him go at it for over forty minutes. 

"Great, now start with the other." With defeat written all over him, Ron began with her other foot, slaving away and breathing in its smell. 

After another forty plus minutes, she let him rest, happy to see him exhausted in her service. Getting up, the sexy feline went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee together with dinner. With the food all prepared and the table set, Lisa sat down and ate. While stuffing her pretty face, she remarked, " It’s almost as good as the food I’ve got you eating, ha, ha...!" 

Finished, she cleaned up and returned to the livingroom. Sitting down again, Lisa said, " So let’s make out." Taking off her jacket, she then unbuttoned her blouse. After it came off, she unclipped her bra, dropping it to the cushion. Once again, he was raised to her tits as she commanded, " Suck me!" 

With play time over, she returned him to his cage and left him there. 

The evening over, she showered off and turned in for the night. 

Getting up the next morning, Ron found himself still in the cage. And so it came to pass, from hence forth, everyday was the same. Truly, a magazine fantasy came to life, reducing his life to nothing! 

The End

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