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Diana davis

Melanie grunted like an animal. She had never felt a reaming before. She loved it. It started a fire where there was normally none. The fire blended with that of her pussy, enjoying the touch of Heather's long fingers.

 "Oh fuck!" Melanie gasped. Her body began shaking violently. "Oh fuck!" she screamed again. Her ass began slapping back against Heather's face and hand. Heather transferred her tongue to Melanie's sweet pussy, sucking the juices from her folds of flesh first, then licking her clit with the tip of her fluttering tongue. 

 "Oh, oh, ah, ah ahhhh..." Melanie cried out loudly enough to be heard throughout the apartment complex. 

 She screamed again and shuddered even more violently as a second orgasm tore through her body before the first ended. Crying again and again, she jerked against Heather's mouth until she was finally threw herself forward to avoid Heather's wicked tongue. She lay whimpering, massaging her own breasts as her body calmed. Heather kissed the soft skin on Melanie's nicley tanned ass. She caressed it lovingly as she watched Melanie quiver and sigh.

 "It was wonderful," Heather said with a shy smile. "I'm glad I tried it."

 Melanie rolled over on her back and pulled Heather into a tight embrace. She kissed her lovingly, before releasing Heather and climbing to her knees. She slid off the bed and rolled Heather over on her back.

 "I'm going to eat you like you've never been eaten before," Melanie threatened. "Any GIRL who would ream my ass like you did, deserves everything I can give her," Melanie said as she pressed a finger into Heather's steamy pussy.

 "I'm ready," Heather shivered in esquisite excitement. She believed she could still taste Melanie on her lips. It was the most sensual thing she have ever done. As good as her dream, only far more exciting. She hissed as Melanie began flicking her tongue over her clit, while her finger gently pumped in and out.

 Her legs quivered involuntarily. Her inner thighs jiggled with the movement of her legs. Melanie leaned down and tasted Heather's pussy again, then sucked insistently. In a moment she returned to licking Heather's clit. Heather gave out little cries of passion. She mashed her breasts in her hands and threw here head back, enjoying every little flick and tickle of Melanie's tongue.

 "Oh yes!" Heather screamed in wild abandon. She humped her pussy against Melanie's mouth, mashing it over and over in the throes of wild passion. 

 Melanie rode out the assault on her mouth, watching Heather's face as the orgasm made her once beautiful face into a mask of passion twisted wrinkles. Melanie stopped licking when she sensed that Heather's pussy was too sensitive. She gently wiggled her finger inside of Heather, waiting for the sweet young blonde to recover. Finally Heather sat up and looked down at Melanie with a delighted smile on her face. "Gee, this really is a fun house," Heather laughed.

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