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Derek arnold

My tongue teased within the outer layer of her womanhood. I glanced upward again to ensure this is actually what she wanted. Amanda’s mouth was wide open and her eyes were ablaze with sex. She begged me with her moans and her eyes to continue. My tongue parted her to each side and I found my way inside her sweet pussy. I licked inside her, and then moved upwards. I found the button I was looking for, and she began to shake a little. I knew I was on the right track when she moaned a little louder. Her clit was skillfully worked as a finger found a way inside her. Her moaning continued as I danced a dance with my tongue. I could feel her pleasure mounting to a climax as she grabbed a pillow. She screamed into it as all her muscles tensed up. I continued through her orgasm as she thrashed her hips with the pleasure. When she started to come down off the high, I let up the oral assault and looked at her with a smile. 

Amanda looked directly at me and said "Get inside me now. I need you to make love to me Evan, and I need it now". I quickly removed my underwear and made my way up to her level. She pushed me upwards and motioned for me to flip over. I lay on my back next to her and she climbed on top of me. She quickly kissed her way down my stomach and placed the tip of me member in her lips. Her sweet, succulent lips worked a number on my tip while she started to drool on me a little. I felt her hand start to rub up and down on my shaft while she continued to suck. This glorious feeling lasted far too little for me to fully appreciate before she crawled back up to me. I kissed her deeply as she grabbed for my dick. She positioned me at the entrance to her pussy and started to push me in. AS she sank down my dick, she starts to moan. I smile up at her, one hand grabbing her hips, one starting to play with her left breast. Once fully inside her, I start to move my hips, bucking against her. She starts to ride me, letting my dick flow in and out of her.

I moan as the tension starts to mount. We fuck deep, her riding my dick up and down. She moans out "Evan…it’s so…perfect" as I feel her pussy tighten up around me. As an orgasm starts to rip through her body, my pleasure is intensified. I start to moan as I push deep inside her. I feel her pussy walls squeeze my dick tight. After a few moments, I feel myself go over the point of no return. "I’m going to cum" I call out. Amanda quickly pulls herself off me and places her mouth over my dick. She licks the tip while sucking hard on it. Her hand starts jacking me with fervor, and I start to cum. Three big ropes of semen escape out of me and into her waiting mouth. Somehow, she takes it all in and swallows every drop. After a moment, she releases my member and smiles at me. "Next time we have to remember a condom" she says with a wink. She then scoots up into my arms. We spoon a while as she drifts off into sleep.

"Amanda," I say after she is asleep. "I think I love you".

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