Deon Collins (author)

Deon collins

You lower your head and take my dick into your mouth till your lips are at the base. I could cum know!!! You slowly start fucking me with your mouth. Now it’s my turn not to make any noise. You are fondling my balls with one hand, and jacking me with your other one. Up and down, your mouth and hand together working my cock. 

I know I’m not going to last long. I grab you hair and fuck your mouth hard. You gag as I get close. You are squeezing my hard balls, slobbering on my cock, and I know I’m there. I throw my head back, and it starts. My cock explodes in your mouth. I grab the ground because I feel like I’m spinning around out of control. My cock is flooding your mouth with hot cum, so much that it’s running back out of your mouth and down my balls and ass. 

You keep sucking, and I’m shaking with pleasure! My cock is still going crazy. I’ve stopped cumming, but my cock feels like it’s getting an electric shock. You take my cock out of your mouth, and smile up at me with cum running down your chin. I see the look of love in your eyes as you come up to kiss me. You stick your tongue in my mouth and share my cum with me. We look into each others eyes with love and lust. 

We know we’ve been lucky that we haven’t been caught yet, but you can feel my still hard cock pressing between you legs. We know we have to fuck. HAVE TO!!!! You get me between your legs, and guide my slick cock to your pussy lips. You rub it over your clit, and then line it up with your sweet hole. You gently slide my cock in. When it’s all the way, we smile and kiss. 

It starts as a soft kiss, but as you increase the speed of your pussy going up and down my cock, the kissing gets harder. I love the way your huge tits are rubbing on my chest. Our arms around each other, hugging each other tight as we get lost in our passion. Your pussy feels like a soft glove gripping my cock. We kiss harder and harder, groaning with animal lust. 

I know I’m going to cum again, and soon. You have me in such a state that I am lost inside you. All I know is the pleasure you are giving me. My body is swimming in your love. I can feel my orgasm building in the center of my soul, spreading out. Then it hits! It feels like my head of my cock is blowing off. I feel your pussy flooding over me with your cum and mine!! I am oblivious to what is around me. Everything is centered on my cock and your cunt. 

We start to relax, and the kisses become tender again. You roll off me and snuggle up close to me. We hold each other in silence and enjoy the after glow of our beautiful union. We are wet from our own juices, our clothes are in complete disarray, half on and half off. We are enjoying the quiet after glow, when we hear a gruff voice say, What are you two doing!!!!!" We jump up and start running and laughing as we try to pull our cloths on. The cop let us go.

How wonderful it was. I will never forget that afternoon!!!

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