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Dee archie

so i instructed them to stop and i rolled over on my back . i told them i wanted to suck there cocks and we got into the coolest sixty-nine ever . there i was on my back with one black stud on each side of me , there long boners pointing at my face and both of there mouths at my little white prick.
  these two massive cocks in my face were beautiful. long and fat with big veins running all over them and those hairless black balls of theres making another load for me to swallow. they were pulsing as if i could actually see them make the sperm i was about to gobble down.
  there cocks were bouncing all over my face as i reached for them. pre cum dripping already off of them . i stuck my toungre out and rubbed them over the tip.
  oh that cum tasted sweet . i licked them both up and down all the way to the balls . i wanted those balls in my mouth but he way i was laying i couldn't reach so i would save that for later. 
i love the feeling of a mans balls in my mouth as he emptys his load . you can feel the balls moving on there own as if there alive , and the whole sack jumps around in my mouth. listen to what a true slut iv'e become . i actually love the penis now . at first i was repulsed by it and now i crave it.
  the whole time these thoughts were going in my head i had forgot about another head of mine but those hot african mouths on my white panty boy cock woke me up. they were swathing my cock and balls with a lot of viggor. my cock was being assaulted by these dueling tounges from all sides . the whole time i was sucking away on there ebony poles while stairing at there bloted sperm sacks. 
  the pace was picking up faster and faster and i think they could sence that i was close to a mind blowing orgasm so they started to pick up the speed . not only the sucking i was getting but the nasty way they pumped there cocks into my face . i was sucking for all i was worth and pumpung my own straining cock into the air meeting the flicking tounges.
  the sperm just started bubbling out of my cock in a way i cant explain . it wasn't spurts but one really long spurt that felt like my soul came out with the bubbling liquid. they fought over the jizz for minutes . i didn't even notice that they were emptying there balls all over me the whole time till half way through my cum. 
  at that point i saw 2 huge wet black cocks spurting globs of spoo all over me . i tried to catch it all in my mouth but there was way too much . the noises in the room were very erotic. it made me shoot even more out of my balls watching these cocks blow.
  we were a mess and it was at that point i saw my wife standing over me looking mad not happy with me. 
  we all jumped up off the bed and the 4 sexy bitches were standing there looking pretty mad.
" who told you that you could waiste all that cum pussy-boy and she slapped me . the other 2 guys looked confused and so did i all be it for differant reasons. we have a buissness to run.....
more soon

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