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David taylor

He lay still listening for her movements for several hours before drifting off to sleep. 

The next morning he awoke as the sun came up. Stretching he got up after taking care of his morning bathroom routine he walked down the hall and quietly open the door to Penny's room. His heart sunk to his stomach when he saw she was gone. Disappointed and thinking he should probably run to avoid the cops. He started to the kitchen to see if she had taken his truck keys even though he did not hear it leave during the night. He heard a noise coming from the kitchen and stop in the hall waiting to see if it were the cops. Suddenly he saw something move from the kitchen into the hall and was relieved when he saw Seth coming to him wagging his tail. His first thought was Penny left in such a hurry she left her dog behind. When he step into the kitchen the smell of bacon and coffee hit him in the nose. 

Penny was at the stove cooking eggs, bacon and toast. When she saw him she poured him a cup of coffee picking up the sugar bowl she handed him the coffee and looked at the sugar as if to ask if he wanted sugar. He told her no thanks he likes his coffee strong and black. She smiled and ask Master? He told her to speak. She simply said good morning Master. He told her good morning with his heart rapidly beating in his chest from the joy of finding her still there. He sat the coffee cup down and pulled her to him kissing her passionately. She returned his kiss with all her love. He looked into her eyes telling her she no longer had to ask permission to speak as long as it was not to question any of his orders. She smiled and said thank you master. 

He looked at her tits and saw several small red burn spots. He ask her if she had not seen the apron hanging on the kitchen door. She told him she saw it but she did not have permission to wear it and she wanted to please him with a hot breakfast. He told her she could wear the apron while cooking to keep the hot grease form spotting his tits that he loved so much. She almost broke down crying when he said that. He told her to set two plates for breakfast and they sat looking at each other while they ate. 

While they ate he ask if she slept well. She told him she thought she would have slept better feeling the security of being tied up. He laughed and told her he would have missed a great breakfast that he did not have to cook for a change. They both laughed and continued eating. As they finished and she started clearing the dishes to clean the kitchen she looked at him with a concerned look and he ask her what she wanted to say. 
She asked him Master would you like to hurt me to hear me scream and fuck me this morning. He looked at the nasty whelps on her body and told her he would just fuck her today and giver her body time to heal from the beating he gave her the night before. 

That is how Penny found the place in her life that she loved and needed with the perfect Master.

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